Artificial Intelligence

5 Key Principles of Effective Data Modeling for AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) uses information to make important choices in different industries. Just like a tall building needs a strong plan and base, successful AI

Streaming Data Integration

The Power of Data Mesh, Data Fabric, and Striim

Organizations struggle with managing vast amounts of complex data. Traditional methods often fall short, leading to data silos and security vulnerabilities. Innovations like Data Mesh

intelligent streaming for a multi-cloud data fabric
Data Fabric / Data Mesh

A Guide to Seamless Data Fabric Implementation

Organizations are grappling with the increasing complexity and diversity of their data sources. Traditional approaches often fall short in addressing the challenges posed by disparate

Streaming Data Integration

Striim Cloud for Application Integration

Introducing Striim Cloud for Application Integration: A fully managed, simple, and scalable SaaS service for application connectors. With this new application integration service, users can