Real-time Data Integration

Striim provides the foundation for a modern real-time data architecture by providing a reliable, secure, and scalable streaming infrastructure to get your data to where it needs to be with sub-second latency.  

Work with fresh data

Integrate your data in real time, without modifying or slowing down source systems

Break down data silos

Extract from and deliver to a wide variety of systems including data warehouses, log files, heterogeneous databases, sensors, and message queues

Build a modern data architecture

Pre-process and enrich the real-time data with reference data with streaming analytics using an end-to-end, enterprise-grade platform

Real-time data integration made easy

Getting started is fast and easy

Striim combines real-time change data capture capabilities with in-flight data processing and data visualization to deliver timely and analytics-ready data to the enterprise. A wizard-based user interface provides an intuitive development experience and speeds time-to-deployment with pre-built data pipelines. With a SQL-based engine, Striim is easy for both business analysts and developers to use.

Why Striim for real-time data integration

With Striim, you can easily adopt a next-generation infrastructure by integrating on-premise and cloud data from Databases, Messaging Systems, Files, Data Warehouses, Data Lakes, and IoT.

Striim Platform Diagram

Ready to get started?

Learn more about real-time data integration in a modern data architecture with Striim.