Transforming Application Integration for BigQuery with Striim: The Zendesk Connector

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Businesses seek solutions that not only enhance operational efficiency but also drive meaningful insights from their data. The integration of siloed business applications into a cohesive digital ecosystem presents one of the most significant challenges in this transformation. A 2022 survey by Deloitte and MuleSoft highlights that 38% of organizations identify the integration of siloed business software applications as the primary barrier to their digital evolution. This underscores the necessity for innovative, seamless integration solutions that can bridge the gap between various data sources and analytical tools.

What is Striim Cloud for Application Integration?

Striim Cloud for Application Integration is a fully managed, unified data integration and streaming service designed to transport data across clouds, applications, and databases to BigQuery and other Google Cloud targets. With its no-code, zero-maintenance approach, it offers a cost-effective solution for businesses seeking real-time data insights and monitoring. This service caters to a wide range of connectors, including HubSpot, Stripe, and Zendesk, supporting diverse data analytics and AI use cases. 

The Zendesk Connector Explained

Zendesk enables a direct and effortless flow of customer service data from Zendesk to BigQuery, empowering businesses with the ability to analyze and derive insights from their customer interactions like never before. Zendesk, renowned for its comprehensive suite of customer service tools, facilitates a seamless communication channel between businesses and their clients across various platforms. Its robust framework supports everything from customer support to sales CRM, embodying a versatile solution for managing customer inquiries and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Key Features

  • Automated Schema Creation: Streamlines the initial load of historical Zendesk data and ensures continuous, real-time syncs to BigQuery.
  • Secure Connectivity: Utilizes OAuth and SAML 2.0 Authentication for secure data streaming.
  • Data Transformation in Real-Time: Offers capabilities to modify data on the fly, ensuring business-ready data is delivered to BigQuery.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Ensures the integrity and quality of data delivery through stringent data quality SLAs.

How the Zendesk Connector by Striim Supports Your AI Initiatives

How the Zendesk Connector by Striim Supports Your AI Initiatives

The Zendesk Connector, part of the Striim Cloud for Application Integration ecosystem, enhances AI-driven customer experiences by facilitating the streaming of real-time customer service data into BigQuery. It employs unified data streaming and hundreds of connectors, enabling a holistic Customer 360 view that underpins personalized interactions and more effective customer experiences. Through features like Change Data Capture and real-time delivery, the connector optimizes data flow for immediate analysis and AI applications, supporting next-best actions and personalized offers. Streaming SQL and ingestion capabilities allow for on-the-fly data transformation and querying, essential for dynamic AI model feeding and real-time backend operations.

Zendesk Connector in the Real-World

Customer Renewal Sales Insights

Imagine a scenario where a sales team is tasked with understanding the landscape of renewal customers. Traditionally, this involves aggregating data from multiple sources such as Zendesk and Hubspot, a process that is both time-consuming and requires extensive technical expertise. With Striim’s integration service, sales representatives can now access integrated dashboards that provide a 360-degree view of customer interactions, from service sign-ups to support ticket resolutions. This integration not only simplifies data accessibility but also equips sales teams with up-to-date insights, enabling them to approach renewal discussions with a well-rounded understanding of each customer’s journey and challenges.

Real-Time Intelligence for Product Improvement

Leveraging Zendesk data for feedback and feature request tracking is key for product improvement. By analyzing customer feedback from support interactions, businesses identify crucial improvement areas, aligning product offerings with customer needs. Additionally, tracking and prioritizing feature requests through Zendesk insights helps in recognizing trends and setting development priorities. Integrating these insights with Striim allows for real-time data analysis and immediate action, ensuring a dynamic, customer-driven approach to product development and service enhancement.

Getting Started

To integrate your Zendesk data with BigQuery:

  1. Subscribe to Zendesk Connector by Striim
  2. Google redirects you to the Striim Cloud Signup page 
  3. After signup, Sign in to Striim Cloud. (verify your account from your email inbox)
  4. After Signing in, create your first service (a dedicated single-tenant Striim Cloud cluster)
  5. Click on launch & simply create a first pipeline 

Metering & Pricing 

Striim offers a simple pricing model, purchasing a cluster size that is suitable for your data volume is all you need to do. Each vCPU per hour cost covers infrastructure, connector charges, data transfer, and fully managed service with 24×7 support.

Transform Your Data Strategy: Zendesk and BigQuery Integration via Striim

The Zendesk connector by Striim represents a leap forward in simplifying the integration of customer service data into BigQuery. By eliminating the complexities and coding requirements traditionally associated with such integrations, Striim enables businesses to focus on deriving meaningful insights from their data.

Get started with the Zendesk connector by Striim today!