Why Hybrid Cloud Requires Enterprise-Grade Streaming

2 Minute Read

Today, we are discussing why hybrid cloud and hybrid IT infrastructures require not just streaming data integration, but enterprise-grade streaming data integration. While streaming integration linked with hybrid deployment environments is necessary for organizations to take full advantage of their real-time data within their organization, the combination is not sufficient to make this a reality.

For the exploration and validation example above, any grade of streaming integration will do. “Free” open-source facilities, such as Apache Software Foundation projects, can be used for the validation of a scenario or a proof of concept. However, as organizations move their efforts toward mission-critical operations of a business, they need to have a technical infrastructure that provides stability and enterprise-grade performance.

The traits of an enterprise-grade streaming integration facility include the following:

  • Ease of use for configuration and management – Configuring and managing streaming integration is no easy task. However, an enterprise- grade graphical user interface (GUI) is key to allowing multiple members of an organization to configure or manage events within the environment. In particular, they need the ability of data center support teams to monitor and manage processes and data pipelines without having to involve senior technical resources.
  • Ability to recover from failure – Similar to the ability to easily monitor and manage via a GUI, organizations need their streaming integration facilities to provide the ability to recover from failures. If upstream providers of data make unannounced or unintended adjustments to data formats, streaming platforms need to be able to handle those changes gracefully without crashing the environment.
  • Security and privacy provisions – With greater amounts of sensitive personal information being generated and distributed around an organization, the security and privacy features of a streaming integration solution need to be up to the task of meeting enterprise security requirements. Breakdowns in these areas are not just mistakes. There are often government regulatory, corporate compliance, and public reputation consequences that cause financial damage to organizations.

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