Why Choose Striim + Snowflake

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With greater speed, ease, and flexibility, Snowflake’s cloud data warehouse helps you gain meaningful insights by providing the performance and simplicity that traditional data warehouse offerings could not support.

Adopting a data warehouse in the cloud with Snowflake requires a modern approach to the movement of enterprise data. This data is often generated from diverse data sources deployed in various locations – including on-prem data centers, major public clouds, and devices. Snowflake users need real-time data movement capabilities to realize the full potential of data warehousing in the cloud, and benefit from more meaningful operational intelligence.

Why Choose Striim + SnowflakeWhile there are many vendors that provide data movement to Snowflake, Striim’s real-time, enterprise-grade streaming ETL solution offers advanced capabilities that other vendors can’t match, including the ability to:

  • Bring a wide range of data sets (including security log data, Kafka/messaging, IoT data, OLAP and OLTP) in a consumable format to Snowflake to achieve rich, timely, and reliable insights fast
  • Use robust, reliable, low-impact change data capture (CDC) from major enterprise database
  • Aggregate, filter, denormalize, enrich, mask real-time data in-flight using a SQL-based language before delivering to Snowflake to rapidly gain time-sensitive insights
  • Combine and correlate machine data, OLAP, OLTP and IoT data with other data sources in-flight for complete and rich operational intelligence
  • Perform online migration from existing on-prem data warehouses such as (Oracle Exadata or Teradata) to Snowflake with minimized interruption and risks
  • Offer an enterprise-grade solution designed for mission-critical, high data volume environments with built-in HA, scalability, exactly-once-processing (no data loss or duplicates) and security, all in a patented distributed platform

In fact, many current Striim + Snowflake customers previously deployed a solution from another vendor, only to find that the solution did not meet their needs for scalability, reliability, in-flight processing, or, simply, data access.

Let’s drill down on the ways Striim supports Snowflake’s advanced analytics applications with modern, enterprise-grade streaming ETL, and further allows customers to gain operational value from their Snowflake solutions.

Moving data in real time from diverse sources

Data ingestion providers that only collect data from a limited range of sources cannot support complete and rich operational intelligence in Snowflake. The Striim platform ingests real-time streaming data from a variety of sources out-of-the box, including data warehouses databases (including Oracle, SQL Server, HPE NonStop, MongoDB, Amazon RDS, and MySQL), log files from security devices and other systems, sensors, messaging systems, and Hadoop solutions.

Avoiding batch ETL-related inefficiencies

Data integration providers that use traditional batch ETL for the movement of data into Snowflake are unable to support real-time operational intelligence and time-sensitive analytics use cases in Snowflake. When users adopt an ELT architecture by using replication solutions with another tool for in-target transformations, this architecture creates complexities, especially during process recovery. Striim offers an end-to-end solution with a simplified solution architecture to bring a wide range of data in real time.

Minimizing source impact and interruption

While there are providers that offer very simplistic movement of file data, and do not support CDC from databases, these solutions cannot scale and may require the use of additional products to be integrated into the configuration. Using Striim, businesses can easily adopt cloud data warehouse with online migration from existing data warehouses with minimal disruption and risk.

Assuring security and reliability

Striim is an enterprise-grade solution with built-in HA, security, scalability, exactly once processing for no data loss or duplication for business-critical production systems.

Applying transformations and enrichments

Striim applies filtering, transformations, aggregations, masking, and enrichment using static or streaming reference datain real time – as the data is being delivered into Snowflake, in a consumable format to Snowflake – to accelerate the delivery of rich, timely, and reliable insights.

Striim + Snowflake Customer Use Cases

To illustrate the above points, we would like to share a couple of Snowflake customers that chose Striim to gain operational intelligence for critical operations.

A Leading International Cruise Line

  • Ingests real-time POS data from spa, casinos, and stores to enterprise data warehouse on Snowflake to generate near real-time offers for travelers.
  • Striim moves spending data from Oracle, SQL Server databases and GoldenGate Trail Files to Snowflake.
  • The solution provides real-time promotional offers and discounts to customers based on their spending behavior to improve both satisfaction and revenue.

A European HR Solutions Provider

  • Ingests data from Oracle and SQL Server database using real-time CDC from to Snowflake.
  • Chose Striim for low data latency with built-in scalability, security, and reliability.
  • Zero maintenance solution and pay-per-use models also were key considerations.

By streaming enterprise data to Snowflake with built-in scalability, security, and reliability, Striim simplifies the adoption of a modern, cloud data warehouse for time-sensitive, operational decision making.

We invite you to learn more about Striim’s Snowflake offering by visiting our Snowflake solutions page. Feel free to contact us if we can help you reliably move data in real time to Snowflake.