What’s New in Striim v. 3.8.6

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Striim is pleased to announce several new and enhanced customer-driven features available in version 3.8.6. To learn more about any of these features, please schedule a demo, or download a fully functional trial of Striim v. 3.8.6.

What’s New in Cloud Integration

Microsoft Azure Integration

Three new Striim solutions for Azure – Striim for Azure Cosmos DB, Striim for Azure PostgreSQL and Striim for Azure MySQL – are now available on the Azure Marketplace.

Striim’s CosmosDBWriter writes to Azure Cosmos DB collections using the Cosmos DB SQL API.

In addition, Striim now reads from MongoDB collections and supports replication to Azure Cosmos DB, providing a template for creating applications that read from MongoDB and write to Cosmos DB.

Google Cloud Integration

The Google Cloud BigQueryWriter writes to a table in Google BigQuery. The writer supports all dataset locations, table name wildcards, and column mapping, and can replicate inserts and deletes. For an example of input from a CDC or DatabaseReader source, see Replicating Oracle data to Google BigQuery.

Striim’s new GCSWriter writes to Google Cloud Storage buckets.

The Striim platform, along with several Striim solutions for Google Cloud – BigQuery, Google Cloud Storage, and Google Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL and MySQL – are now available as PaaS offerings on the Google Cloud Marketplace.

AWS Integration

Striim’s Amazon RedshiftWriter writes to one or more table(s) in a Amazon Redshift store via an Amazon S3 staging area, and now supports data conversion parameters.

Salesforce Integration

Striim has added several new features to streamline its Salesforce integration capabilities. Striim’s SalesforceReader now supports the Salesforce Bulk API for faster initial load.

The SalesforcePushTopicReader now reads sObject data using the PushTopic subscription model to speed access to the latest data.

And the SalesforcePlatformEventReader can read platform events (user-defined notifications) using a subscription model.

What’s New in Hadoop Integration

Hive Integration

New writers for both Cloudera and Hortonworks write to one or more tables in each vendors’ versions of Hive.

What’s New in Real-Time Data Movement

Monitoring Application Progress in Striim’s Flow Designer

When viewing an application in Striim’s Flow Designer, application progress can be displayed graphically. When doing an initial load from a database, the percentage of data read is displayed as progress bars.

Check out these new features for yourself. Download Striim v. 3.8.6 today!