What’s New in Striim 3.6

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Mega Release of the Striim Platform Supports Hybrid Cloud and Embeds Apache Kafka

The Striim Team has been busy. In a world of iterative development, Striim has made a giant leap forward with the GA of Striim version 3.6.1.

The dual theme of this release of the Striim platform is 1) making real-time data integration and streaming analytics enterprise grade, and 2) making it easy to deliver streaming solutions.

Here is a list all of the rich new features and enhancements of this release. Please stay tuned for deep-dive posts on several of our key advances.

What’s new in Striim version 3.6

  • Streaming Replay – With native Kafka, make every data source re-playable, and enable recovery for streaming sources that cannot be rewound. Facilitate recovery of an individual application when multiple applications are powered by the same streaming source.
  • Application Decoupling – Run multiple applications independently, even if they are reading from the same streaming data source. Restart an individual application without affecting other applications driven off a single source.
  • Once-and-Only-Once Processing – Leverage Kafka as an intermediary persistent store to guarantee events are processed exactly once.
  • Integration with Salesforce – Ingest data from Salesforce, and capture any updates to specified Salesforce objects.
  • Change Data Capture (CDC) Wizards – Based on pre-configured templates, quickly and confidently build end-to-end streaming data movement applications from enterprise databases to a variety of targets. 15 new wizards in all.
  • Heterogeneous Real-Time Database Replication – With CDC, apply the relevant operation to the target database, including in-place updates and deletes.
  • Smart Edge Filtering for IoT – Filter and process data instantly agents at the edge, reducing the volume of data sent into the cluster.
  • MQTT Integration – Leverage Striim’s MQTT Writer in addition to the existing MQTT Reader.
  • HBase Integration – Support for HBase as a target.
  • Metadata Browser – Reference and introspect assets created from within the streaming application.

Can’t wait for more detail? Request a demo of Striim 3.6.1 from one of our lead technologists. Or download the Striim platform, version 3.6.1.