WebAction, Big Data Stream Analytics for HP NonStop

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HP-NonStop-logo-150x150WebAction, partnered with HP, brings realtime stream analytics that work in harmony with the NonStop ecosystem. HP NonStop is the leader in continuous availability systems, and the most valuable data in the enterprise resides in NonStop. With the arrival of HP NonStop X, companies will have the opportunity to use NonStop in novel ways. WebAction makes Big Data accessible to NonStop and also makes NonStop transaction data  accessible to other applications in the Big Data ecosystem.

High-Velocity Big Data Analytics

From the data and applications veterans at WebLogic and Golden Gate, WebAction is the next step in the evolution of stream analytics. WebAction is the most comprehensive realtime stream analytics platform. Quickly build tailored enterprise-scale Big Data applications that assimilate, correlate and analyze disparate, high-velocity data. The continuous integration of realtime and historical information provides up-to-the-millisecond visibility into customer experience and business health. Identify issues instantaneously and in-time to effectively resolve them. The most valuable data in the enterprise is now immediately and securely available for use by people in departments across the enterprise such as: operations, customer experience, marketing, risk, and supply chain.

Example Realtime Use Cases

So what can be done with streaming Big Data in the context of NonStop? Some general themes come to mind as we think about use cases.

  • Anomaly Detection: Pulling historical norms from data stores to compare against signatures of current events, triggering real-time alerts when issues arise
  • Predictive Analytics: Analyzing real-time data streams to build predictions about future events. Predictions are refined as time progresses.
  • Stream Filtering: Filtering by either removing data fields from a stream, or by shortening fields in a stream
  • Stream Enrichment: Adding history or context data to make a piece of data more robust or otherwise actionable
  • Stream Aggregation: Monitoring of specific data streams for specific events
  • Stream Correlations: Combining 1-n data streams and data sets using specific data element, in real-time.

To learn more about the WebAction Platform, read the Bloor Group paper: The Genesis of the Real-time Enterprise: How WebAction Enables Truly Responsive IT Applications