Streaming Integration to Azure Cosmos DB

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Real-time integration to Azure Cosmos DB enables companies to make the most of the environment’s globally-distributed, multi-model database service. With Striim’s streaming integration to Azure Cosmos DB solution, companies can continuously feed real-time operational data from a wide-range of on-premises and cloud-based data sources.

What is Striim?

The Striim software platform offers continuous, real-time data movement from enterprise document and relational databases, sensors, messaging systems, and log files into Azure Cosmos DB with in-flight transformations and built-in delivery validation to support real-time reporting, IoT analytics, and transaction processing.

Streaming Integration to Azure Cosmos DB

Offload Operational Reporting

  • Move real-time unstructured and structured data to Cosmos DB to support operational workloads including real-time reporting
  • Continuously collect data from a diverse set of sources (such as Internet of Things (IoT) sensors) for timely and rich insight

Accelerate and Simplify Processing

  • Perform filtering, transformations, aggregation, and enrichments in-flight before delivery to Cosmos DB
  • Avoid adding latency via stream processing
  • Easily convert structured data to document form

Ease the Cosmos DB Adoption Process

  • Use phased and zero-downtime migration from MongoDB by running them in parallel
  • Continuously visualize and monitor data pipelines with real-time alerts
  • Prevent data loss with built-in validation

How Striim Delivers Streaming Integration to Azure Cosmos DB

Low-Impact Change Data Capture from Enterprise Databases

  • Continuous, non-intrusive data ingestion for high-volume data
  • Support for databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, HPE NonStop, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Amazon RDS for Oracle, and Amazon RDS for MySQL
  • Real-time data collection from logs, sensors, Hadoop and message queues to support rich and timely analytics

Continuous, In-Flight Data Processing

  • In-line transformation, filtering, aggregation, enrichment to store only the data you need, in the right format
  • Uses SQL-based continuous queries via a drag-and-drop UI

Real-Time Data Delivery with Built-In Monitoring

  • Continuous verification of source and target database consistency
  • Interactive, live dashboards for streaming data pipelines
  • Real-time alerts via web, text, email

Streaming Integration to Azure Cosmos DB

To learn more about how to leverage Striim’s solution for streaming integration to Azure Cosmos DB, check out our Striim for Azure Cosmos DB solution page, schedule a brief demo with a Striim technologist, provision Striim for Cosmos DB on the Azure marketplace, or download a free trial of the Striim platform and get started today!