Streaming Integration Speeds Hybrid Deployments

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With the enhanced capabilities of streaming integration, organizations can utilize hybrid deployments with cloud-based resources for their real-time events. They can take advantage of all the capabilities of hybrid deployments to meet the needs of a range of streaming use cases to establish competitive advantage over their less-developed counterparts. Hybrid Deployments

With an effective streaming integration facility or platform, organizations can link their real-time business events with flexible and easily provisioned hybrid architectures that empower the use cases that data-driven organizations are implementing.

For example, in exploration and discovery use cases, streaming integration allows organizations to enable cloud-based sandbox environments for their business analysts and data scientists. Often before an “official” use case or advanced analytics model, such as a machine learning algorithm, can be established and validated, companies create a sandbox environment. With traditional techniques, this is often a cumbersome process. With streaming integration and hybrid deployments, it is relatively easy to provision a cloud-based sandbox. With minor adjustments to the multidirectional streaming integration configuration, the sandbox can be filled with the most up-to-date information. All of this is accomplished without disrupting existing data flows or integrations.

If the sandbox yields success, the environment can be promoted toward a production implementation in an organization’s environment with more appropriate or capable resources—on-premises, private cloud, public cloud-based, or hybrid deployments. If the exploration or data science evaluation yields nothing, the sandbox and the associated flows can be quickly and easily taken offline and/or replaced with the next dataset sandbox to be evaluated.

Without this linking of streaming integration and hybrid environments, the process of provisioning data becomes cumbersome and slows the evaluation and validation process.

To learn more about how Striim’s streaming integration platform can speed hybrid deployments, visit our Hybrid Cloud Integration solutions page, schedule a demo with a Striim technologist, or download a free trial of the Striim platform and try it for yourself.