Speeding GDPR Compliance with a Streaming Data Architecture

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Striim Delivers Data Pseudonymization for Streaming Data
to Accelerate GDPR Compliance

The clock is ticking fast for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to go into effect for all EU citizens on May 25th, 2018. After this commencement date, not just organizations in EU, but any company doing business with EU citizens and collecting their data will face harsh fines if they are not compliant with the GDPR laws. This extraterritorial applicability of the GDPR laws makes it especially critical for any company around the world that might (knowingly or unknowingly) collect data about EU citizens.

In the race to comply, many companies are looking to a streaming data architecture with real-time data integration and streaming analytics components to make GDPR compliance easier and faster to achieve and sustain. Streaming data architecture is not only a modern way to collect, process, and analyze today’s high-volume, high-velocity data, but also a smart way to protect and track your customers’ data as it is dynamically changing.

GDPR laws punish companies that fail to protect the privacy of individuals, and introduce the concept of data pseudonymization, where direct identifiers in data are removed so there can be no linkage to a specific identity. With real-time data integration capabilities, the Striim platform supports pseudonymization by capturing, filtering, enriching, masking, obfuscating, and encrypting data-in-motion. You can easily modify identifiable data as soon as it is generated and before it is delivered to other transactional systems and data stores. The Striim platform also strengthens data protection with its enterprise security solution that detects internal and external security threats instantaneously.

In addition to pseudonymization, Striim’s real-time data integration and streaming analytics capabilities allow you to:

  • Create audit trails for completed compliance activities, such as deleting or masking of identifiable data, by capturing GDPR-related change data in real time, and storing it for compliance tracking and reporting
  • Perform continuous audits of completed compliance actions against an in-memory cache of required actions using multi-source correlation
  • Create compliance reports easily by tracking database and other data source changes in real-time and via Striim’s file data lineage
  • Receive real-time alerts in case of breach and monitor workflow steps for risk assessment via its visualization capabilities

We have explained Striim’s solutions for GDPR compliance in more detail in this short presentation. I invite you to take a look and see how you can use streaming integration and analytics capabilities to make your GDPR compliance journey smooth and fast.

Striim is designed for high-volume, high-velocity data environments in mission-critical business operations. With its easy-to-use, enterprise-grade streaming data platform, Striim supports Global 2000 companies with various solutions including real-time operational reporting, cybersecurity, fraud detection, global transaction monitoring, integration to cloud, big data, and Kafka, and more.

For more information regarding Striim’s solutions for GDPR, or to request a demo, please contact us!