Introducing Our New O’Reilly Book: Streaming Integration: A Guide to Realizing the Value of Real-Time Data

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Data modernization is key to surviving and thriving in challenging market conditions, providing the foundation needed for improved customer experience, optimized processes, and the ability to outperform the competition. Streaming integration is the engine of data modernization enabling higher operational value from real-time data. More and more businesses today tap into the power of real-time data to transform how they conduct daily operations.

We often write about this concept in our blogs. Now, we are excited to introduce you to a new O’Reilly book: Streaming Integration: A Guide to Realizing the Value of Real-Time Data. If you are building a modern data architecture as the foundation for business transformation, you will enjoy reading this book, as it dives deep into the architecture and technology best practices for streaming integration. At 100+ pages, it’s truly a comprehensive resource for you and your team.

The authors, Steve Wilkes and Alok Pareek, who are also co-founders of Striim, describe how streaming integration can be applied to solve the very real business challenges you face in a world transformed by digital technologies. The book provides a history of data before introducing streaming integration and discussing various use cases, such as:

  • how to apply streaming integration to achieve a zero-downtime data migration to a cloud database;
  • how to continuously update a data warehouse;
  • how to ingest, aggregate and react to IoT data, and
  • how to perform real-time machine learning predictions

Beyond the use cases for reaping fast value from operational data, the book provides a deep dive into technology and architecture best practices for streaming integration with details on:

  • how to ingest data from a wide range of heterogeneous sources, especially from transactional databases using low-impact CDC.
  • how to put the data into the form that is needed through filtering, transformation, enrichment, and correlation using in-memory components.
  • how to maintain sub-second delivery of data to both cloud and on-premises endpoints in high-volume environments.

Last but not least, the book covers the key considerations for an enterprise-grade streaming integration platform to meet the needs of today’s business-critical solutions. With decades of expertise in streaming integration solutions serving many industry leading organizations, Steve and Alok offer architectural guidelines to ensure data security, high-availability, scalability and reliability aspects of the technology.

I invite you to read this new O’Reilly book: Streaming Integration: A Guide to Realizing the Value of Real-Time Data to discover what to look for in a streaming integration platform to truly be the engine of your data modernization and how to address real-world business challenges.

We are entering a new era – the era of real-time data, as the book’s conclusion states. At Striim, we are proud to be pioneers in bringing a robust streaming integration platform that enables your data revolution. If you would like to learn more about streaming data integration, please feel free to contact us.