Microsoft SQL Server CDC to Kafka

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By delivering high volumes of data using Microsoft SQL Server CDC to Kafka, organizations gain visibility of their business and the vital context needed for timely operational decision making. Getting maximum value from Kafka solutions requires ingesting data from a wide variety of sources – in real time – and delivering it to users and applications that need it to take informed action to support the business.Microsoft SQL Server to Kafka

Traditional methods used to move data, such as ETL, are just not sufficient to support high-volume, high-velocity data environments. These approaches delay getting data to where it can be of real value to the organization. Moving all the data, regardless of relevance, to the target creates challenges in storing it and getting actionable data to the applications and users that need it. Microsoft SQL Server CDC to Kafka minimizes latency and prepares data so it is delivered in the correct format for different consumers to utilize.

In most cases, the data that resides in transactional databases like Microsoft SQL Server is the most valuable to the organization. The data is constantly changing reflecting every event or transaction that occurs.  Using non-intrusive, low-impact change data capture (CDC) the Striim platform moves and processes only the changed data. With Microsoft SQL Server CDC to Kafka users manage their data integration processes more efficiently and in real time. 

Using a drag-and-drop UI and pre-built wizards, Striim simplifies creating data flows for Microsoft SQL Server CDC to Kafka. Depending on the requirements of users, the data can either be delivered “as-is,” or in-flight processing can filter, transform, aggregate, mask, and enrich the data. This delivers the data in the format needed with all the relevant context to meet the needs of different Kafka consumers –with sub-second latency.

Striim is an end-to-end platform that delivers the security, recoverability, reliability (including exactly once processing), and scalability required by an enterprise-grade solution. Built-in monitoring also compares sources and targets and validates that all data has been delivered successfully. 

In addition to Microsoft SQL Server CDC to Kafka, Striim offers non-intrusive change data capture (CDC) solutions for a range of enterprise databases including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, HPE NonStop SQL/MX, HPE NonStop SQL/MP, HPE NonStop Enscribe, and MariaDB.

For more information about how to use Microsoft SQL Server CDC to Kafka to maintain real-time pipelines for continuous data movement, please visit our Change Data Capture solutions page.

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