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linked-open-data-cloudWe all continue to count down the days before the latest NonStop systems begin to ship in volume. NonStop X, as the members of the family of NonStop systems based on the Intel x86 architecture are now being called, brings NonStop back into the mainstream, with the last vestige of proprietary completely removed. To all CIOs demanding x86 solutions HP has responded, and in ways few expected just a year ago – you want clusters based on x86? Well NonStop X is the ultimate cluster in a box, and it continues to be every bit as NonStop as all of its predecessors of the past four decades.

In his post of January 22, 2015, WebAction, Big Data Stream Analytics for HP NonStop, WebAction’s Jonathan Geraci made the observation that, “With the arrival of HP NonStop X, companies will have the opportunity to use NonStop in novel ways.” Furthermore, posted Geraci, “The continuous integration of realtime and historical information provides up-to-the-millisecond visibility into customer experience and business health. Identify issues instantaneously and in-time to effectively resolve them.” NonStop systems have always been about ease of use and ease of management, but in supporting x86 the value proposition of NonStop takes a big turn in the right direction – lower overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Elsewhere in posts of late I made reference to Australian industry watcher and commentator, Len Rust. In his January 27, 2015, Rust Report newsletter his editorial under the heading, To the cloud and infinity included the key observation, “Although technology trends seem to come and go with frightening regularity, some have a lasting impact on business. These are ones that change the way businesses operate and provide dramatic improvement for those that adopt them.” While written about Cloud Computing it can be just as easily said about Big Data. And when it comes to novel ways, nothing may be as novel as seeing NonStop actively engaged in solutions that make a lasting impact on business.

NonStop X and Realtime

WebAction support of NonStop X is a given –initial steps taken in building WebAction included support of feeds coming from NonStop, as any move towards supporting realtime obviated the need to include transactional systems, and NonStop is among the premier platforms when it comes to supporting the most mission-critical of transactional systems. Said another way, leaving out feeds from NonStop from WebAction would have only led to lesser appeal of the product, a situation all involved with WebAction have now avoided, to their credit.

However, using NonStop in novel ways can benefit from the presence of code stubs, applications and templates as it is well known that facing a blank screen isn’t the best way to come up with a real world solution providing business value. In explaining how WebAction works to the majority of NonStop users, it takes a while (and numerous examples) before it registers just how powerful a product WebAction truly is – identifying changing consumer behavior as it happens and then modifying applications on the fly to better appeal to this changed constituency is a godsend for every business.

Top 10 Companies to Watch in 2015

In his post of January 8, 2015, The Bloor Group Lists WebAction as “One of the 10 Companies to Watch in 2015” Jonathan Geraci posts of how the Bloor Group likes the fact that “WebAction provides a library of pre-built applications which are the latest development in the evolution of stream processing designed to (a)apply business logic for relevant, actionable and predictable information in real-time, (b) effortlessly scale-out high volumes of different types of business data in-memory, and (c) deliver intelligence in an accessible, easy, and secure manner.” In other words, extending the novelty of Big Data applied to realtime transactional processing by providing usable applications.

Not everyone relishes designing something from scratch. Nor do even the smartest folks like sitting in front of a blank screen. At a recent presentation given by a vendor specializing in monitoring, when it came to designing new dashboards, the presenter didn’t hold back making sure you borrow from what already works. This will be key for the NonStop community as they look to take advantage of the new NonStop X systems, changing the way businesses operate will be a lot easier with WebAction and with the apps now on offer. And isn’t this what every business today is looking for as it faces a constantly changing and often very fickle consumer community?