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Internet_of_Things-300x295In a thought provoking post on Forbes this week, Mike Kavis warns Don’t Underestimate The Impact of the Internet of Things. Mike discusses how the Internet of Things will have a bigger impact on life that most people understand. As the post starts out, many people hear the term “Internet of Things” and they envision a connected refrigerator ordering milk or a Fitbit telling the world how many steps you took today, but the IoT is far more comprehensive.

The IoT represents advances in sensing technology, streaming data, and technology cost reduction that will fundamentally impact how all industries function. A few examples are:

  • Manufacturing: Sensors on manufacturing lines measuring temperature, humidity, torque, and light and alerting of anomalies in real-time
  • Healthcare: As we care for our elderly citizens and allow people to live longer in their homes before being shifted to assisted living facilities
  • Transportation: GE smart jet engines are transmitting over one terrabyte of data per flight so that mechanics know that an engine requires maintenance as soon as it lands
  • Security: Detecting hazardous conditions in real-time

The post points to sensor company libelium who list 50 Internet of Things use cases on the site, including: smart cities, smart water, smart metering, security & emergencies, retail, logistics, industrial control, smart agriculture, smart animal farming, domotic (domestic robots) & home automation, and eHealth. Mike concludes: “We are heading towards a world where everything is connected and better decisions can be made in real time.”

This sentiment is aligned with our thoughts that we are moving away from a software world of “query/response” (ask a question, get an answer) and moving toward the sensing enterprise. In the sensing enterprise software monitors your streams of data and acts autonomously to specific correlated events in your streams. The IoT drastic increase in the number of connected devices will dramatically increase streaming data volume, velocity, and variety. The next logical question is how will you handle all of the streaming data from the Internet of Things? The WebAction Real-time App Platform is designed to manage streaming data in an efficient and easy to use manner. As an end-to-end platform from acquisition to processing to delivery of your big data records, WebAction is a one-stop shop for real-time. See how the Internet of Things will impact your business, setup a free needs assessment with one of our real-time streaming data experts.