How Striim Extends Azure Synapse Link

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We recently announced that Striim is a participant in Microsoft’s Intelligent Data Platform partner ecosystem. We’re also excited to share that Striim extends Synapse Link to add support for additional source systems. 

There’s no question about the benefits of Azure Synapse. Whether it’s around on-demand usage, the ability to reduce high CapEx projects and increase cost savings, or enabling insight-driven decisions as fast as possible, Synapse can be an integral piece to your digital transformation journey. However, in order to make the most of Synapse and Power BI you need to reliably ingest data from disparate sources in real time. 

In order to do so, Azure introduced Synapse Link, a method of easily ingesting data from Cosmos DB, SQL Server 2022, SQL DB, and Dataverse. Synapse Link utilizes either the change feed or change tracking to support continuous replication from the source transactional system. Rather than relying on legacy ETL tools to ingest data into Synapse on a nightly basis, Synapse Link enables more real-time analytical workloads with a smaller performance impact on the source database. 

Outside of the sources included today with Synapse Link, Microsoft partnered with Striim to add support for real-time ingestion from Oracle and Salesforce to Synapse. Striim enables real-time Smart Data Pipelines into critical cloud services via log-based change data capture (CDC). CDC is the least intrusive method of reading from a source database, which reads from the underlying transaction logs rather than the database itself – empowering replications of high-value business-critical workloads to the cloud with minimal downtime and risk. 

Besides pure data replication use cases, one common pattern that we see is the requirement to pre-process data in flight before even landing on Synapse. This reduces the time to value, and gets the data in the right format ahead of time. Within Striim it’s incredibly easy to do so either with out-of-the-box transformations, SQL code, or even Java for the most flexibility. 

Whether you’re interested in replication or Smart Data Pipelines, to learn more please watch the free joint webinar:, or download our Oracle to Synapse or Salesforce to Synapse reference architectures.

If you have any questions please reach out to, we’d be happy to discuss your specific use case in more detail.