Making Data Intelligent with Microsoft

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Microsoft Cloud Architecture

I am excited to share with you that Striim is a proud participant in the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform partner ecosystem as announced at Microsoft Ignite 2022. We have a history of working with Microsoft to help provide our mutual customers with access to enhanced data insights in real time, allowing them to make decisions the moment data is created.  Earlier this year, Striim announced an enhanced and growing relationship with Microsoft around our Striim Cloud software-as-a-service offering. 

More specifically, we said:

Microsoft customers can now leverage Striim Cloud on Microsoft Azure for continuous, streaming data integration from on-premises and cloud enterprise sources to Azure Synapse Analytics and Power BI, taking full advantage of the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform

The Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform promise is for customers to accelerate innovation and get more from their data, to increase their agility as environments and regulations evolve, and to do it all on an open and governed platform. This is why Striim is so pleased to partner with Microsoft to further accelerate customers’ time to value.

At Striim we continue to offer customers the ability to take full advantage of the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform. We provide Microsoft Azure enterprise customers immediate access to critical business data in real time. With continuous, streaming data integration from on-premises and cloud enterprise sources to Azure analytics tools like Synapse and Power BI, users have an unbeatable, data-driven experience with up-to-the-second operational visibility. 

We will continue to grow and enhance our relationship with Microsoft and the Intelligent Data Platform as we work toward the mutual goal of providing customers the ability to, adapt rapidly, add layers of intelligence to apps, generate predictive insights, and govern all your data—wherever it resides. As Faisal Mohamood, VP, Azure Data Integration at Microsoft says, “We look forward to continuing to grow our partnership with Striim to help our customers accelerate their data-driven digital transformation.”

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