Gartner Identifies Continuous Intelligence as a Top 10 Data and Analytics Technology Trend for 2019

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Recently, Gartner identified Continuous Intelligence as one of the top 10 technology trends for data and analytics for 2019. The goal in publishing this list was to encourage data leaders to take a close look at the impact that these trends might have on their business, so they might consider adjusting their course of action and review operational initiatives in order to ensure that they are able to maintain a competitive edge.Gartner Continuous Intelligence diagram

Gartner defined “continuous intelligence” as “…a design pattern in which real-time analytics are integrated within a business operation, processing current and historical data to prescribe actions in response to events. It provides decision automation or decision support. Continuous intelligence leverages multiple technologies such as augmented analytics, event stream processing, optimization, business rule management and ML.”

Continuous intelligence enables companies to deliver better outcomes from a broad range of operational decisions since it involves more relevant, real-time data in decision-making algorithms. Individuals are able to make sense of extreme volumes of data in milliseconds, evaluating more alternatives in greater detail than humanly possible without access to real-time data and processing.

In fact, Gartner estimates that, within 3 years, more than 50% of all business initiatives will require continuous intelligence, leveraging streaming data to enhance real-time decision-making.

What makes continuous intelligence difficult is feeding a business’s analytics systems with high volumes of real-time streaming data in a way that is robust, secure, and yet highly consumable. The ability to combine “always-on,” streaming data ingestion and integration with real-time complex event processing, enrichment with rules and optimization logic, and streaming analytics is key to enabling continuous intelligence.Gartner Continuous Intelligence

The Striim Platform solves both sides of the continuous intelligence challenge. Striim enables continuous streaming data ingestion with linear scalability, in an enterprise-grade fashion. This includes ingestion from transactional databases via change data capture (CDC). While data is streaming, Striim enables stream processing, complex event processing, and enrichment of streaming data with reference data, rules, algorithms, and even machine learning models in milliseconds.

As a push-based continuous intelligence solution, Striim is able to deliver processed data to real-time custom dashboards, feeding real-time alerts, automated triggers, and reporting, while simultaneously loading data to a wide variety of cloud, storage, and messaging targets. Striim real-time data can further help enable prescriptive decision support.

To learn more about how Striim can support your continuous intelligence initiatives, please view our recent Striim Overview and Demo video, or schedule a demo tailored to your project with one of our lead technologists.

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