Democratizing Data Streaming with Striim Developer

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Everyone wants real-time data…in theory. You see real-time stock tickers on TV, you use real-time odometers when you’re driving to gauge your speed, when you check the weather in your app. 

Yet the “Modern Data Stack” is largely focussed on delivering batch processing and reporting on historical data with cloud-native platforms. While these cloud analytics platforms have transformed business operations, we are still missing the real-time piece of the puzzle and many data engineers feel inclined to think real-time is simply out of their organization’s reach. As a result, companies don’t have a real-time, single source of truth for their business nor can they take in-the-moment actions on customer behavior.

Why? Real-time data is currently synonymous with spinning up complex infrastructure, cobbling together multiple projects, and figuring out the integrations to internal systems yourself.  The more valuable work of delivering fresh data to enable real-time data-driven applications in the business seems like an afterthought compared to the engineering prerequisites. 

Now there is another way…

Striim is a simple unified data integration and streaming platform that uniquely combines change data capture, application integration, and  Streaming SQL as a fully managed service that is used by the world’s top enterprises to truly deliver real-time business applications. 

With Striim Developer, we’ve opened up the core piece of Striim’s Streaming SQL and Change Data Capture engine as a free service to stream up to 10 million events per month with an unlimited number of Streaming SQL queries. Striim Developer includes:

  • CDC connectors for PostgreSQL, MongoDB, SQLServer, MySQL, and MariaDB
  • SaaS connectors for Slack, MS Teams, Salesforce, and others
  • Streaming SQL, Sliding and Jumping Windows, Caches to join data from databases and data warehouses like Snowflake 
  • Source and Target connectors for BigQuery, Snowflake, Redshift, S3, GCS, ADLS, Kafka, Kinesis, and more

Now any data engineer can quickly get started prototyping streaming use cases for production use with no upfront cost. You can even use Striim’s synthetic continuous data generator and plug it into your targets to see how real-time data behaves in your environment. 

What happens when you hit your monthly 10 million event quota? We simply pause your account and you can resume using it the following month without losing your pipelines. You also download your pipelines as code and upgrade to Striim Cloud in a matter of clicks. No effort wasted. 

Use cases you can address in Striim Developer:

  • Act on anomalous customer behavior by comparing real-time data with their historical norms, then alert internally in Slack or Teams
  • Implement data contracts on database schemas and freshness SLAs with Striim’s CDC, Streaming SQL, and schema evolution rules
  • Compute moving averages, aggregations, and run regressions on streaming data from Kafka or Kinesis using SQL. 

If you’d like to join our first cohort of Striim Developers, you can sign up here.

If you’d like to get an overview from a data streaming expert first, request a demo here. 

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