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1. Introduction: Announcing Striim on Partner Connect
2. What is Striim?
3. What is Change Data Capture?
4. Tutorial: Migrating data to Snowflake with Striim on Partner Connect
5. Conclusion: Start your Free Trial

Introduction: Announcing Striim on Partner Connect

It only takes minutes to get up and running with Snowflake. So, it should be just as easy to move your data into Snowflake with an intuitive cloud-based data integration service.

To help you build real-time ETL pipelines for Snowflake, we’re happy to announce that Striim is now available as a cloud service directly on Snowflake Partner Connect.

“Striim simplifies and accelerates the movement of real-time enterprise data to Snowflake with an easy and scalable pay-as-you-go model,” Director of Product Management at Snowflake, Harsha Kapre said. “With Striim now on Snowflake Partner Connect, customers can start loading their data in minutes with one-click access to a proven and intuitive cloud-based data integration service.

John Kutay, Director of Product Growth at Striim, highlights the simplicity of Striim’s cloud service on Partner Connect: “We focused on delivering an experience tailored towards Snowflake customers; making it easy to bridge the gap between operational databases and Snowflake via self-service schema migration, initial data sync, and change data capture.”

What is Striim?

Striim is a next generation Cloud Data Integration product that offers change data capture (CDC) enabling continuous replication from popular databases such as Oracle, SQLServer, PostgreSQL and many others.

In addition to CDC connectors, Striim has hundreds of automated adapters for file-based data (logs, xml, csv), IoT data (OPCUA, MQTT), and applications such as Salesforce and SAP. Our SQL-based stream processing engine makes it easy to enrich and normalize data before it’s written to Snowflake.

Our focus on usability and scalability has driven adoption from customers like Attentia, Belgium-based HR and well-being company, and Inspyrus, a Silicon Valley-based invoice automation company, who chose Striim to replicate data to Snowflake.

What is Change Data Capture?

While many data integration products focus on batch data integration, Striim specializes in helping you build continuous, real-time database replication pipelines using change data capture (CDC).This keeps the target system in sync with the source database to address real-time requirements.

Before we dive into an example pipeline, we’ll briefly go over the concept of Change Data Capture (CDC). CDC is the process of tailing the database’s change logs, turning database events such as inserts, updates, deletes, and relevant DDL statements into a stream of immutable events, and applying those changes to a target database or data warehouse.

Change data capture is also a useful software abstraction for other software applications such as version control and event sourcing.

Event as a Change to an Entry in a Database
Imagine Each Event as a Change to an Entry in a Database

Striim brings decades of experience delivering change data capture products that work in mission-critical environments. The founding team at Striim was the executive (and technical) team at GoldenGate Software – now Oracle GoldenGate. Today, Striim is offering CDC as an easy-to-use, cloud-based product for data integration.

Tutorial: Migrating data to Snowflake in minutes with Striim’s cloud service

snowflake etl wizards
Striim has published a tutorial to help users get up and running with Striim on Partner Connect including details for the following steps:

  • Launching Striim’s free trial from Partner Connect
  • Migrating schemas from your source databases to Snowflake with Striim’s intuitive user interface.
  • Historical sync: move millions of rows in minutes all during your free trial
  • Intro to setting up Streaming ETL pipelines using change data capture.
  • Monitor your workloads with dashboards and rule-based alerts

Check out the tutorial here (7 minute read).


To summarize, Striim on Snowflake Partner Connect provides an easy-to-use cloud data integration service for Snowflake. The service comes with a 7-day free trial, giving you ample time to begin your journey to bridge your operational data with your Snowflake Data Warehouse.

Visit our Striim for Snowflake webpage for a deeper dive into solutions such as

  • How to migrate data from Oracle to Snowflake using Change Data Capture
  • How to migrate data from SQL Server to Snowflake using Change Data Capture
  • Teradata to Snowflake migrations
  • AWS Redshift to Snowflake migrations
  • Moving IoT data to Snowflake (OPCUA, MQTT)
  • Moving data from AWS S3 to Snowflake

As always, feel free to reach out to our integration experts to schedule a demo.