Striim is an end-to-end streaming data integration and intelligence platform enabling continuous processing and streaming analytics. With Striim, you can get to know your data – and sort out what’s important – the instant it’s born.

Respond faster to your customers, make better decisions, and grow your business with Striim.

Unedited Transcript:

Enterprises today are trying all kinds of ways to get insights from their data faster after large and costly projects. Many are realizing that simply collecting the data is the biggest problem. Not only is there a huge and growing amount of data, but it also moves incredibly fast and comes from many different sources and some data is so buried, it’s too costly to retrieve.

Using pure analytics solutions can not solve these integration problems. And that’s where Striim comes in. Striim – uniquely combined with streaming integration and streaming intelligence in a single platform. Striim can ingest high speed streaming data from a wide variety of sources including change data from enterprise databases and deliver it to many different types of systems within milliseconds.

While the data is moving, it’s easy to filter, transform, aggregate, and enrich at speed, organizing it before it lands on desk. When deeper insights are needed, you can correlate streaming information, detect anomalies, and identify interesting events and patterns. While the data is in motion, this can all be visualized through real time streaming dashboards or use to immediately trigger alerts and automated workflows. Results can be further analyzed to uncover additional business insights have fed back into the data pipeline. To give context to streaming data stream solutions can be built rapidly without coding skills, so you can immediately focus on better understanding your customers and growing your business. With Striim, your information is always in time and in context. Make your data useful the instant it’s born, with Striim.