A Fast Data Approach to Minimising Cloud Adoption Risks at Big Data LDN

Steve Wilkes, Founder and CTO of Striim, presents “A Fast Data Approach to Minimising Cloud Adoption Risks” at Big Data LDN conference on September 23, 2020.

Do you have plans to move critical systems to the cloud but have concerns about downtime, integration challenges, or data loss? Do you need to ensure your cloud-based systems have continuous, up-to-date data from existing on-premise or other cloud sources? What’s needed is an approach to help teams more easily make the move to the cloud with confidence, continuity, and minimised risk for even their most mission-critical systems.

In this presentation, Striim’s CTO and co-founder Steve Wilkes lays out opportunities for reducing migration downtime and data loss risks and reviews hybrid cloud integration best practices that reliably support operational workloads. The event will also include a live technology demo.