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Context-Driven Marketing for Cable, Satellite, & Telco Operators

Motivating Customers to Take Action


The cable, satellite and telco set top box industry is in a state of turmoil, with increased competition among system operators and new market entrants in the form of Internet protocol TV (IPTV) and over-the-top technology (OTT). This competition boosts subscriber churn and applies increasing downward pressure on average revenue per user (ARPU). While subscribers to traditional cable, satellite and telco often perceive commercial interruptions as providing negative value, comparably more inexpensive IPTV and OTT provide marketers the ability to personalize advertising, and offer customers the option to avoid commercials, putting traditional system operators at a severe disadvantage, and motivating customers to “cut the cord.”


Custom targeted advertising is one of the most powerful tools for marketers – it points the marketer to an interested consumer, and the consumer to where they can take action. Discovering the most pertinent and significant creative for your target audience requires developing a personal profile of the consumer – knowing your customer’s interests, behaviors, and their real-time location and activity.

Traditional system operations have limited knowledge of their customers. Although the latest technology enables subscribers to use services on mobile devices anywhere in the world, marketers are typically limited to segmenting consumers by static subscriber zip code. Understanding past behavior, realtime activity, and current location requires collecting clickstream data from hundreds of millions of set top boxes. Analysis is complicated by the diversity of set top box hardware, each generating uniquely formatted data. Overwhelmed by the volume, velocity, and variety of data, operators resort to expensive and time consuming batch processing techniques, introducing significant lag between data collection and analysis. And then the information is no longer real time.

Striim Solution

The Striim platform empowers you to create sophisticated real-time context-driven marketing. It assimilates your realtime set top box clickstream data with data from a wide variety of real-time sources, such as market data, geolocation, mobile devices, sensors, log files, social media and database transactions, along with existing enterprise data, such as customer history and past behavior. Using a simple GUI, you can rapidly and easily create custom enterprise-grade continuous context-driven marketing applications.

Using all available realtime and historical information allows you to continuously identify who is currently watching, their location, and the phase of the buyer’s purchasing cycle, placing consumers in context. This intelligence enables you to deliver the most appropriate personalized creative to the consumer at the right time and place, delivering relevant and essential contextual marketing and motivating the customer to take action. The platform enables you to create a stream analytics application that continuously integrates real-time behavior and location with historical data, identifying purchasing signals, and then immediately acting with that knowledge. Identification of unusual behavior, such as a customer who is at home during the daytime watching children’s cartoons reveals a sick child. Your custom stream analytics application can automate the choice of advertising creatives, inserting personalized offers for children’s cold and flu medication into that user’s video stream.

You can build another custom stream analytics application that identifies when customers change programs to avoid specific advertisements, building complete interest profiles of each consumer. Using this interest profile along with real-time behavior and location data enables you to present the consumer with the most appropriate context-specific marketing, motivating the customer to purchase and ensuring loyalty.


Using Striim to aggregate, correlate and, analyze real-time set top box clickstream data with real-time location and contextual data, you can develop a very detailed and accurate picture of the customer and purchasing intent. Leveraging this knowledge, you can deliver the most appropriate and context-sensitive marketing, motivating customers to take action.

The platform provides an environment where you can quickly develop an integrated ecosystem of custom personalized targeted real-time marketing applications. The wealth of different data sources that you can assimilate and analyze in real time enables you to create advanced decision paths, customizing and personalizing your response to customers’ current behavior, location, and historical activities. Delivering the truly personalized experience engenders increased customer satisfaction and enhanced customer engagement, unlocking customer self-selection, where the customer views your service and marketing as essential, and is motivated by your creatives to take action, assisting the customer on their purchase journey.



  • Cable, satellite, telco set top box
  • System operators
  • Pay TV

Realtime Use Cases

Business Impact

  • Real-time marketing
  • Personalized customer experience
  • Increased customer engagement

Data Source

  • Realtime clickstream
  • Realtime geolocation
  • Enterprise context sources
  • Log data
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