Integrate Real-time Data to Kafka and Hadoop From Databases and More

Striim offers an enterprise-grade streaming data integration solution for Cloudera by moving real-time data from a wide variety of sources to Apache Kafka, Apache Hadoop environments (Kudu, HDFS, HBase, Hive), without impacting source systems. With support for hybrid IT infrastructures, Striim’s streaming ETL capabilities complement Cloudera solutions by enabling organizations to use full breadth and depth of their data in real time for operational intelligence and reporting.

Why Striim for Cloudera

The Striim platform continuously ingests real-time data from databases, cloud applications, log files, message queues, and devices, on-premises or in the cloud, with security, scalability, and reliability including out-of-the-box exactly once processing.

For enterprise databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, HPE NonStop, and MariaDB, the platform offers non-intrusive change data capture (CDC) to minimize the impact on source systems.

The data can be delivered “as-is,” or be put through a series of in-line transformations (such as denormalization) and enrichments with dynamically changing data, making it available in a consumable form, quickly and continuously. 

Striim also offers built-in data delivery verification and pipeline monitoring with alerting to support mission-critical solutions.

Support Operational Decision Making

With Low-Latency Data

  • Ingest real-time data into CDK (Kafka), Kudu, Hadoop with low impact
  • Continuously collect data from databases, logs, messaging, sensors, and more
  • Transform data in-flight without extensive coding or introducing latency
  • Achieve fast time-to-market with wizards-based, drag and drop UI
  • Leverage parallelization for optimized loading
  • Use low-latency data in Cloudera for real-time analytics and operational reporting