Gain valuable experience with our dedicated Training package

Striim technology helps companies create the environments they need to achieve their data goals. But success doesn’t just lie in platforms and applications.  Well-trained individuals are the key to success, so we provide training on Striim’s solutions for IT & Data professionals. This enables them to get up to speed faster on projects and easily apply their knowledge, which results in higher performance and cost-saving efficiency.

Package Includes

  • Product Training – Live
  • Use Case Specific Workshops
  • Target Completion over 2 weeks – Virtual
  • Target Completion over 2 weeks – Onsite

Package Details

  • 10 People Max
  • Virtual Sessions
  • Sessions Can Be Recorded
  • Onsite Sessions with the Addition of Travel Expenses

Training is available on a variety of training modules and also can be customized for your unique experience or environment.

Striim Platform Architecture

  • Striim architecture details
  • Striim clustering
  • High-availability and recovery
  • Scalability and performance

Striim Application Development

  • Application components
  • Application development (lab)
  • Dashboard development (lab)
  • Screen readers and parsers
  • Stream writers and formatters

Striim Platform Administration

  • Striim console
  • Security
  • System health monitoring and reporting
  • JMS and external platform monitoring
  • Troubleshooting and diagnostics
  • Scalability and performance

Striim Solution (Use-case based)

  • Application components (CQ, Streams, Caches, Event Tables, Windows)
  • GGTrail file reading/parsing
  • Database replication to DBs and EDWs
  • Database replication to GCP Cloud Services (Spanner, PubSub, BigQuery, Cloud Storage)
  • and many more

Advanced Topics

  • Open processes
  • Java UDF
  • Striim Event Publish API, Health REST, Management REST API