Real-Time Data Integration

Striim provides the foundation for a modern real-time data architecture by providing a reliable, secure, and scalable streaming infrastructure to get your data to where it needs to be with sub-second latency

Cloud Integration: Key Data Considerations for Hybrid and Multicloud Architectures

Data Integration Made Smart and Easy

With Striim, you can easily adopt a next-generation infrastructure by integrating on-premise and cloud data from Databases, Messaging Systems, Files, Data Lakes, and IoT. This data can be transformed and combined in-flight before being delivered to the target system, and doesn’t lock you into a single topology.

  • Use up-to-date and consistent data in analytical and transactional systems
  • Achieve a comprehensive view of your business using all data sources including log files, databases, sensors, and messaging systems
  • Accelerate building streaming data pipelines using pre-built integration and wizards-based development
  • Enable timely insight for better operational decision making

Why Striim for Real-Time Data Integration

Striim combines non-intrusive, real-time change data capture capabilities with in-flight data processing and data visualization to deliver timely and enriched data to the enterprise. Striim provides an intuitive development experience with wizard-based user interface and speeds time-to-deployment with pre-built data pipelines. Using an SQL-based language, it is familiar to both business analysts and developers. With Striim, you adopt a future-proof, smart data architecture for accelerated innovation.

Work With Timely Data

Integrate your data in real time, without modifying or slowing down source systems

Remove All Data Silos

Extract from and deliver to a wide variety of systems including log files, heterogeneous databases, sensors, message queues

A Smart Architecture

Pre-process and enrich the real-time data with reference data with streaming analytics using an end-to-end, enterprise-grade platform

Low-Impact Non-Intrusive Real-Time Data Integration

Striim ingests real-time data from a wide variety of sources including databases, log files, IoT devices, message queues, for different data types such as JSON, XML, Avro, delimited, binary, free text, and change records. For transactional databases, it uses non-intrusive change data capture. Striim runs continuous queries to filter, transform, aggregate, enrich, and analyze the data-in-motion before delivering it to virtually any target with sub-second latency. If desired, Striim can process the data in batch as well.

Continuous, Non-Intrusive, Real-Time Structured and Unstructured Data Collection
In-Flight Data Filtering, Transformation, Aggregation, Enrichment, and Analytics
Delivery with Sub-Second Latency to Data Storage, Cloud, Databases, Data Warehouses, Files, and Messaging Systems

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