bloor-group-logo1-300x51Alok Pareek, WebAction co-founder, will be joining a Bloor Group TechWise round table analyst discussion How Analytics Can Improve Your Business on July 23rd at 1pm (pacific). Hosted by Eric Kavanagh, the panel also includes: Dr. Robin Bloor (The Bloor Group), Dr. Kirk Borne (George Mason University), and representatives from Pentaho, MarkLogic, and Treasure Data.

For more information and to register for the Webinar visit the Webinar event page.

How Analytics Can Improve Your Business

Analytical applications are everywhere these days, and for good reason. Organizations large and small are using analytics to better understand any aspect of their business: customers, processes, behaviors, even competitors. There are several critical success factors for using analytics effectively: 1) know which kind of apps make sense for your company; 2) figure out which data sets you can use, both internal and external; 3) determine optimal roles and responsibilities for your team; 4) identify where you need help, either by hiring new employees or using consultants 5) manage your program effectively over time.

Register for this episode of TechWise to learn from two of the most experienced analysts in the business: Dr. Robin Bloor, Chief Analyst of The Bloor Group, and Dr. Kirk Borne, Data Scientist, George Mason University. Each will provide their perspective on how companies can address each of the key success factors in building, refining and using analytics to improve their business. There will then be an extensive Q&A session in which attendees can ask detailed questions of our experts and get answers in real time. Registrants will also receive a consolidated deck of slides, not just from the main presenters, but also from a variety of software vendors who provide targeted solutions.