Esgyn Corporation and Striim Partner to Make Offloading Workloads from Expensive Transactional Systems to Hadoop Quick and Easy

MILPITAS, Calif. and PALO ALTO, Calif., May 23, 2017 – Esgyn Corporation, the leader in Converged Big Data solutions that empower global enterprises to realize the potential of Big Data, has partnered with Striim, provider of an end-to-end, real-time data integration and streaming analytics platform, to deliver a solution that combines the power of EsgynDB with Striim’s Change Data Capture (CDC) capabilities, which together enables workloads to be offloaded from expensive transactional systems to Hadoop.

Today, enterprises are deploying, or have deployed, their data lakes on Hadoop, but are challenged by how to access the data stored in the lake in meaningful ways, or they are struggling to realize the promised return on their data lake investments.  Meanwhile, ever growing user and customer demands for access to data in near real-time is putting immense pressure on IT departments to service these demands from their expensive transactional systems.  The demands on the traditional transactional data stores are pushing these systems to their limits, both the limits of scale, and the limits of IT budgets.

The solution is to service these new and growing demands directly from the data lake, by offloading the work from traditional systems.  The challenge is twofold: 1) how to keep the data lake up to date, and 2) how to easily access that data.  Together the Striim platform and EsgynDB solve both these challenges with an enterprise ready solution, making workload offloading a reality.

Striim provides a non-intrusive, end-to-end solution for moving change data from traditional transactional systems to EsgynDB, ensuring your data lake is up to date in milliseconds. CDC, as facilitated by Striim and EsgynDB, applies ACID transactions in a consistent way.  That is, a transaction on the source can include multiple updates to multiple tables and this transaction is applied consistently in EsgynDB.

EsgynDB, a massively parallel enterprise class SQL-on-Hadoop database, brings all the power of a traditional RDBMS to Hadoop.  EsgynDB enables you to easily access your data lake with whatever queries your workloads demand, from transactions, to reporting, to BI, and analytics, all at the same time.

“Striim is excited to partner with Esgyn to deliver transactional data into EsgynDB. Deployed together, Esgyn’s relational engine on Hadoop and Striim’s real-time data integration capabilities – including low impact CDC – allow for real-time data flows from mission critical applications into enterprise data lakes,” said Sami Akbay, Founder and EVP at Striim. “The combined solution removes complexity from Big Data integration projects and helps developers rapidly build and deploy next generation streaming and big data applications.”

“The power of these two technologies and these two companies coming together provides enterprises with an extremely attractive solution that helps realize the promised ROI of the enterprise data lake,”  said Hong Ding, CEO of Esgyn.

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About Esgyn Corporation

Esgyn™ is the leader in Converged Big Data solutions that empower global enterprises to realize the potential of Big Data. With the industry’s first All-in-One SQL Database for Big Data, Esgyn is leading the way enterprises cope with ever increasing data management needs on-premises and in the cloud.

About Striim

Striim™ (pronounced “stream”) is an enterprise-grade, real-time integration + intelligence platform. Striim makes it easy to create streaming data pipelines – including change data capture – for real-time log correlation, cloud integration, edge processing, and streaming analytics. For more information, please visit, read our blog at or follow @striimteam. Download the fully loaded Striim platform.

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