Cloud Computing: Data Striim-ing for Real-time Actionable Business Intelligence

In a feature article on Cloud Computing Magazine, Steve Wilkes spoke with TMCNet’s Eric Linask about the capabilities of Striim and how our platform is helping modernize the way enterprise companies interact and use data to drive actionable business intelligence – all in real time.

An important element of the conversation pertained to the current adoption and future direction of data management. With data being born from a variety of sources, Steve discussed how the storage and analysis of these volumes of data is one of the main obstacles in providing access to real-time business information.

The world is producing more data than can be physically stored, so it’s critical for enterprise companies to 1) ingest and store only the most relevant information, and 2) gain insights on this data before it loses operational value.

To put it in perspective, Steve provided this great consumer analogy on the navigation app, Waze:

“‘Imagine sitting in traffic for several hours, then getting home and receiving an email or alert telling you there was an accident three hours ago and try a different route,’ he says. ‘That’s not very useful.’”

This same concept applies to the enterprise – companies need to be able to act on their data while it’s relevant, and a “streaming-first” approach is the only logical way to do this moving forward.

Read the full article: Data Striim-ing for Real-time Actionable Business Intelligence.