ETL for Snowflake

Striim’s real-time ETL capabilities provide Snowflake customers the benefit of data migration and replication to Snowflake from existing on-prem or cloud-based data warehouses, databases, and other data sources.

Perform Real-Time ETL to Snowflake

From a Wide Variety of Sources

It only took you minutes to get up and running with Snowflake. So, it should be just as easy to move your data into Snowflake with an intuitive cloud-based data integration service.

To give you an equally seamless data integration experience, we’re happy to announce that Striim is now available as a cloud service directly on Snowflake Partner Connect.

Snowflake Computing customers can further accelerate their time-to-insight with Striim delivering the data in a consumable format for advanced analytics applications. By streaming enterprise data to Snowflake with built-in scalability, security, and reliability, Striim simplifies adopting a cloud data platform for time-sensitive, operational decision making.

Why Striim For Snowflake?

With real-time data synchronization capabilities, Striim enables businesses to migrate and replicate data to Snowflake from existing on-prem or cloud-based data warehouses.

For continuous data loading, Striim ingests real-time data from major enterprise databases using low-impact change data capture (CDC) to avoid any modification or performance impact on source production systems.

Via in-line transformations, including denormalization, filtering, enrichment and masking, before delivering to Snowflake with sub-second latency, Striim offers a simplified and scalable data architecture. In-flight data processing with Striim:

  • Minimizes ETL workload
  • Allows effective handling of large data volumes via filtering
  • Reduces the architecture complexity, enabling end-to-end recoverability and full resiliency
  • Facilitates compliance with privacy-related regulations via data masking

With Striim now on Snowflake Partner Connect, customers can start loading their data in minutes with one-click access to a proven and intuitive cloud-based data integration service.

Harsha Kapre, Director of Product Management at Snowflake

Why Striim?

Optimized connectors

Over 100 connectors optimized for change

Infinitely scalable

Scale your compute horizontally to meet your data processing needs

SQL-based transformations

Express all business logic on scalable, in-memory SQL queries

Deploy anywhere

On-premise, on any major cloud, or a hybrid topology

High availability

Ensure zero downtime with multi-node failover

Operational analytics

Know and predict what is happening at all times with real-time dashboards, alerts, and machine learning

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