Perform Real-Time ETL to Snowflake

Striim's real-time ETL capabilities provide Snowflake customers the benefit of data migration and replication to Snowflake from existing on-prem or cloud-based data warehouses, relational and noSQL databases, Kafka, files/logs, and more.

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Realizing Real-Time Data Warehousing on Snowflake with Striim

Fortune 500 companies power their cloud initiatives with Striim

Connectors for Snowflake

Over 100 connectors optimized for streaming data to Snowflake in real-time

Infinitely Scalable

Scale your compute horizontally to meet your data processing needs

Real-Time Analytics

Know what's happening at all times with real-time dashboards, alerts, and machine learning

SQL Based Transformations

Express all business logic on scalable, in-memory SQL queries

Migrate and Replicate Your Data to Snowflake

Striim offers an intuitive data-integration platform for real-time Snowflake ETL. Deploy Striim anywhere: on-premise, in the cloud, or across a hybrid topology. Transform, enrich, and analyze your data on the fly with high-speed streaming SQL queries.

Real-Time ETL to Snowflake in Four Simple Steps

Designed for mission-critical workloads, Striim reliably and securely moves your data to the Snowflake Data Cloud with sub-second latency.

Launch in One Click from Snowflake Partner Connect

To give you a seamless data integration experience, Striim is available as a cloud service directly on Snowflake Partner Connect.

Easy to Use, From Start to Finish
Launch Striim in Snowflake Partner Connect and step-by-step wizards will guide you as you create data flows from your data source(s) to Snowflake.
Connect to 100+ Sources and Targets With 100+ connectors ranging from databases, data warehouses, messaging systems, files/logs, sensors, and more, Striim is designed to support your data integration needs.

Collect a Variety of Data
Whether it’s structured, semi-structured, or unstructured data, Striim supports a wide array of data formats.

Load Data and Sync Continuously with Change Data Capture

Striim ingests real-time data from major enterprise databases using low-impact change data capture (CDC) to avoid any modification to or performance impact on source production systems.

Perform Zero Downtime Cloud Migrations For the initial data load to Snowflake, Striim enables zero-downtime, zero-data-loss migration from databases and data warehouses to Snowflake. As an enterprise-grade solution, Striim also features built-in, real-time monitoring to validate that the database transactions have loaded successfully to Snowflake, minimizing risk by ensuring data consistency.

Maintain Real Time Data Pipelines Move change data continuously, as new database transactions or events occur, to feed Snowflake’s fast and flexible storage and analytics solutions.

Process, Enrich, and Analyze Your Streaming Data

Striim performs in-line transformations, including denormalization, filtering, enrichment and masking, before delivering your data to Snowflake.

Leverage Your Knowledge of SQL
Striim enables you to perform real-time data processing and ETL without learning yet another language. 

Accelerate Business Intellgence
Striim’s real-time ETL process delivers the data in a consumable format for advanced analytics applications allowing you to accelerate your time-to-insight.

Handle Large Volumes of Data In-flight data transformation allows effective handling of large data volumes via filtering.
Simplify Your Architecture In-flight processing reduces architectural complexity, enabling end-to-end recoverability and full resiliency.
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Striim shows missing and long running transactions

Monitor Your Data Flow in Real Time

Built-in dashboards and monitoring allow you to monitor the state of your data flows in real-time and easily identify any bottlenecks. Striim can also validate that your data has been delivered and provide visibility into end-to-end lag.

Maximize Data Flow Performance Drill down on any of the components in a data flow to see detailed statistics that include read/write rate, lag, latency, cpu usage and many other metrics. Use this information to identify performance issues and tune your data flows for best performance.

Set Custom Alerts
Define SQL-based custom alerts to stay informed about the status and performance of your data flows.

Automate Corrective Actions
Set up automated workflows to perform corrective actions in the event of errors or failures.

Case Study: A Real-Time Cloud Data Warehouse at Inspyrus

Watch: Migrating Schemas and Loading Data to Snowflake from MySQL with Striim

Watch this step-by-step demo to learn how to use Striim to migrate schemas and data from MySQL to Snowflake Data Cloud.

Launch a Striim instance through Partner Connect; use Striim’s wizards and intuitive UI to build your target schema and rapidly move data from MySQL to Snowflake; and continuously monitor your cloud migration.

With Striim now on Snowflake Partner Connect, customers can start loading their data in minutes with one-click access to a proven and intuitive cloud-based data integration service.

Harsha Kapre, Director of Product Management at Snowflake

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