MapR FS to Kafka : The Perfect Match

Striim replicates data into Kafka with E1P (exactly-once processing) both on-premise and in the cloud. Striim supports Confluent schema registry and managed versions of Kafka. You can also pre-process and run SQL queries on data streaming in Kafka topics in-memory.

Why Striim?

Replicate all your data from to Kafka in real-time with a streaming data integration platform

Connectors for Kafka

Over 100 connectors optimized for streaming data to Kafka including log-based change data capture from databases

Infinitely scalable

Scale your compute horizontally to meet your data processing needs

Simple transformations

Express all business logic using scalable, in-memory SQL queries, 10x faster than KSQL

Deploy anywhere

Deploy it wherever your run Kafka - on-premise, in the cloud, or a hybrid model

Exactly once processing

Deliver your data to Kafka with maximum reliability

Cluster analytics

Monitor the uptime of your data delivery