Perform a zero downtime database migration from Azure Database for MySQL to SingleStore (MemSQL) with StreamShift

StreamShift is a database migration application built on The Striim Platform. Migrate your operational databases to SingleStore (MemSQL) with zero downtime using schema creation, initial data load, and change data capture to keep data in sync.

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Integration from Azure Database for MySQL to SingleStore (MemSQL)

How does it work

Connect with your data

One-click access to your schemas, tables, and catalogs

Control it like never before

Build custom data pipelines with advanced routing and rules defined in a simple SQL-like language for streaming data

Understand the journey

Out-of-the box dashboards showing you table-level metrics and end-to-end latency of data delivery

Alert and automate

Set custom alerts on the performance and uptime of your data pipelines. Automate correction workflows for self-healing data pipelines.

Striim Overview Video

Why Striim?

Simply point to source and target connections, provide the credentials – StreamShift does the rest, including creating initial schemas, bulk loading historical data and performing continuous synchronization between Azure Database for MySQL and SingleStore (MemSQL).

Real Time
Migrate Schemas
Map complex schemas from your source system to your target database
Non-Intrusive and Low Impact
Scale-out for faster migrations
Scale your migration workloads by horizontally adding more compute nodes
Zero Data Loss
Migrate anywhere
Perform your migrations in your private cloud or any major public cloud environment with one click deployment
Broad Support
Zero Downtime
Use change data capture to sync Azure Database for MySQL and SingleStore (MemSQL) while migration is loading data over time
Striim gives us a single source of truth across domains and speeds our time to market delivering a cohesive experience across different systems.
Neel Chinta, IT Manager at Macy's

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