Replicate data from Amazon S3 to Oracle in real-time

Striim makes it easy to migrate data from Amazon S3 to Oracle in minutes. After your data migration is complete, Striim can continuously sync Amazon S3 and Oracle with real-time data integration using change data capture.

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Integration from Amazon S3 to Oracle

How does it work

Connect with your data

One-click access to your schemas, tables, and catalogs

Control it like never before

Build custom data pipelines with advanced routing and rules defined in a simple SQL-like language for streaming data

Understand the journey

Out-of-the box dashboards showing you table-level metrics and end-to-end latency of data delivery

Alert and automate

Set custom alerts on the performance and uptime of your data pipelines. Automate correction workflows for self-healing data pipelines.

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Why Striim?

Get faster time to insights in by using Striim's real-time data integration platform

Real Time
Optimized connectors
Over 100 connectors optimized for change
Non-Intrusive and Low Impact
Infinitely scalable
Scale your compute horizontally to meet your data processing needs
Zero Data Loss
SQL-based transformations
Express all business logic on scalable, in-memory SQL queries
Broad Support
Deploy anywhere
On-premise, on any major cloud, or a hybrid topology
Fast Time-to-Market
High availability
Ensure zero downtime with multi-node failover
Operational analytics
Know and predict what is happening at all times with real-time dashboards, alerts, and machine learning
Striim gives us a single source of truth across domains and speeds our time to market delivering a cohesive experience across different systems.
Neel Chinta, IT Manager at Macy's

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