inside_analysis_the_briefing_room_microphone_banner (1)WebAction cofounder Sami Akbay is joining Dr. Robin Bloor for a webinar at 1pm PDT on Tuesday, July 29th to discuss the future of data driven business and the new tools required to compete in the age of the agile enterprise. Register for this episode of The Briefing Room to learn more about how real-time big data is changing your business today and how you can prepare for the data onslaught that is coming in the very near future. The WebAction Real-time App Platform provides an easy on ramp for building enterprise-class real-time big data apps.

The Briefing Room is an engaging discussion format that gives our audience a glimpse into an industry analyst briefing. On July 29th, listen in as WebAction brings Dr. Bloor up to speed on our latest real-time streaming big data offerings.

The Briefing Room Featuring WebAction

Take Action – The New Reality of Data-Driven Business

(Tuesday, July 29th @ 1pm pdt: register now)

The waiting used to be the hardest part, but not anymore. Today’s cutting-edge enterprises can seize opportunities faster than ever, thanks to an array of technologies that enable real-time responsiveness across the spectrum of business processes. Early adopters are solving critical business challenges by enabling the rapid-fire design, development and production of very specific applications. Functionality can range from improved customer engagement to dynamic machine-to-machine interactions.

Register for this episode of The Briefing Room to learn from veteran Analyst Dr. Robin Bloor, who will tout a new era in data-driven organizations, and why a data flow architecture will soon be critical for industry leaders. He’ll be briefed by Sami Akbay of WebAction, who will showcase his company’s real-time data management platform, which combines all the component parts needed to access, process and leverage data big and small. He’ll explain how this new approach can provide game-changing power to organizations of all types and sizes.

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The Briefing Room is produced by The Bloor Group and is scheduled to run with the following schedule:

  • 5 minute introduction by Bloor Group CEO Eric Kavanagh
  • 20 minute technical presentation by WebAction cofounder Sami Akbay
  • 5 minute response by Dr. Robin Bloor
  • 15 minute Q & A by Dr. Bloor
  • 15 minute Q & A with questions from all attendees (including tweets)
  • 5 minute wrap up

Register now for this episode of The Briefing Room.