Integrate Real-Time Data from HPE NonStop

to a Wide Range of Targets

HPE NonStop servers support mission-critical operations with data that requires timely integration with databases, data warehouses, Kafka, Hadoop and NoSQL systems, on-premises or in the cloud. They are designed for high-performance, and therefore should not be burdened with high-overhead batch extracts. The Striim platform offers low-impact, real-time data integration with in-flight data processing to help you rapidly gain operational value out of your data in HPE NonStop environments.

Striim offers the following capabilities for HPE NonStop users:

  • Continuous data ingestion from HPE NonStop servers SQL/MX, SQL/MP, and Enscribe using log-based change data capture
  • Real-time data delivery from diverse set of sources to HPE NonStop SQL/MX and SQL/MP
  • Support for heterogeneous data sources and targets including change data capture for major databases, log files, messaging systems, and sensors
  • SQL-based stream processing with filtering, aggregation, transformation, masking, and enrichment
  • Delivery to cloud, messaging systems, Hadoop, NoSQL, and relational databases including HPE NonStop

Why Striim for HPE NonStop

Striim offers special adapters for SQL/MX, SQL/MP, and Enscribe, and performs parallel reading from auxiliary audit trails to capture only the changed data. Striim can also perform batch processing for initial load.

Designed for mission-critical systems, Striim comes with built-in recoverability features and data delivery validation to avoid data loss or duplicates. 

Striim offers a drag-and-drop UI, wizards for many popular sources and targets, and a zero-coding environment for use cases with basic transformations. SQL-based language is available for more complex transformation and enrichment requirements.

Streaming ETL For Operational Intelligence

  • Stream up-to-the-second data to cloud-based, or on-premises analytics solutions to gain operational intelligence
  • Avoid batch ETL related inefficiencies using real-time, non-intrusive CDC combined with in-flight data processing
  • Combine data from a wide range of sources and deliver transformed and enriched data to analytics solutions for rapid insights
  • Minimize data storage at the target by using in-flight data filtering
  • Continuously monitor the data pipelines via real-time dashboards