Google Cloud Summit Atlanta

Striim is proud to be an exhibitor at Google Cloud Summit Atlanta!

Google Cloud Summit Atlanta

October 2, 2019

Atlanta, GA

Running on the Google Cloud, the Striim platform offers non-intrusive, real-time data ingestion from databases (including Oracle, SQL Server, HPE NonStop, and MySQL), data warehouses (such as Oracle Exadata and Teradata), Salesforce, Amazon S3, log files, messaging systems, sensors, and Hadoop solutions to Google Cloud Platform with in-flight transformations and enrichments.

Stop by our booth, check out our Striim for Google Cloud Platform page, or visit the Google Cloud marketplace to learn more about and provision Striim’s real-time data movement solutions for Google BigQuery, Cloud Storage, Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL and Cloud SQL for MySQL.

Google Cloud Summit Atlanta is a one-day event that enables like-minded experts to explore the latest trends in technology, learn from Google Cloud experts about products, services, and new technology available in the Atlanta market, and collaborate over how to make Google Cloud technology part of daily innovation. For more information, please visit the conference web site.