Last Updated: January 31, 2022

The Striim Cloud Service (“Striim Cloud Service” or “Service”) is a solution provided by Striim Inc. (“Striim”, “we”, “us”, “our”) to Striim customers (each a “Customer”, “you”, “your”) as a service which delivers real-time data integration from different sources  into various targets  for the purposes of data movement, data analytics, data migration and other solutions, as described more fully in our Terms of Service and Documentation.

a. Definitions

  • Account: As defined in Striim’s Terms of Service Agreement.
  • Billing Period: A calendar month running from the first to the last day of the month.
  • Capacity Purchase: A subscription based upfront purchase of Credits.
  • Effective Credits: the conversion rate of Events to Credits in each Monthly Events Threshold, as specified in the Service Consumption Table.
  • Event: A set of one or more data elements that is acquired by a Source from an external system or output to an external system by a Target, and that corresponds to a Striim event type. Examples of such events include, but are not limited to, database logical change records, database table rows, log file entries, delimiter-separated values in text files, JSON objects, MongoDB documents, and Kafka messages.
  • Monthly Events Threshold: the minimum monthly Events usage requirement to receive the consumption rate in each row of the Service Consumption Table.
  • Monthly Plan: Monthly usage billed in arrears at the end of each month.
  • Source:  A source is a start point of a flow and in most cases defines how data is acquired from an external data source. The start point of a flow can also be an in-memory or persistent data stream.
  • Target: A target is an end point of a flow and in most cases defines how data is passed to an external system for storage, analysis, or other purposes.
  • Adapter: An adapter is a component that connects the Service to a data source. Which adapter is selected determines which properties must be specified for a Source or Target.
  • Incremental Credits: the number of Credits for the next million monthly Events after the Monthly Events Threshold has been met.
b. How is credit consumption calculated

Striim’s consumption based pricing includes the cost of the Events, cloud infrastructure compute resources, and data transfer costs, which includes, but is not limited to, ingress, egress, and storage of Events. The charge for these items is metered in a single metric which we refer to as Credits (“Credits”). We calculate your consumption of such Credits every month based on your usage, i.e., each instance of an Event inputted or outputted to or from an external system via Striim’s Source and Target Adapters. The conversion rate of Effective Credits depends on whether you are purchasing the Service with a Monthly Plan, or with a Capacity Purchase.

Additionally, the conversion rate of Effective Credits for both Capacity Purchase and Monthly Plan varies depending on the Adapter tier you have selected. Striim currently offers two Adapter tiers, each one providing access to different Source and Target Adapters. The conversion rate of Effective Credits in each Adapter tier is set forth in the Credit Consumption Tables below.

Standard Tier Adapter Credit Consumption Table
Monthly Events Credit Floor Incremental Credits per Million Events Credits Per Million Events
10,000,000 1,000 70 100
25,000,000 2,000 40 80
50,000,000 3,000 20 60
100,000,000 4,000 10 40
250,000,000 5,500 6 22
500,000,000 7,000 4 14
1,000,000,000 9,000 3 9
2,500,000,000 13,500 2 5.4
5,000,000,000 18,500 1.5 3.7
10,000,000,000 26,000 1 2.6
Premium Tier Adapter Credit Consumption Table
Monthly Events Credit Floor Incremental Credits per Million Events Credits Per Million Events
10,000,000 2,000 140 200
25,000,000 4,000 80 160
50,000,000 6,000 40 120
100,000,000 8,000 20 80
250,000,000 11,000 12 44
500,000,000 14,000 8 28
1,000,000,000 18,000 6 18
2,500,000,000 27,000 4 10.8
5,000,000,000 37,000 3 7.4
10,000,000,000 52,000 2 5.2

c. Capacity Purchase A Capacity Purchase is an upfront purchase of Credits that will be used by a Customer Account during a single or multi-year contract (“Capacity Purchase Contract”). These Credits are consumed during the Term at a fixed rate of Effective Credits for each adapter tier as determined by the Service Consumption Table and specified in your Capacity Purchase Contract.  This provides Customers with predictable pricing as the fixed Effective Credits does not change throughout the Term, even if the number of Events processed using the Service varies from month to month. Customers with a Capacity Purchase will be billed in the form of Credits based on the actual cloud infrastructure compute resources and data transfer cloud infrastructure costs incurred at Striim’s cloud infrastructure costs list price.

d. Deficit of Credits When you enter into a prepaid Capacity Purchase Contract, you are purchasing Credits that are used to cover your Striim Cloud Service usage throughout your Contract term (“Term”). If your Credit balance for the entire Capacity Purchase Contract is depleted before the end of the Term, and you continue to use the Service and do not enter into a new Capacity Purchase Contract, then throughout the remaining Term any usage will be billed monthly in arrears at the rate of Effective Credits as set forth on your Capacity Purchase Contract, until you enter into a new Capacity Purchase Contract.

e. Expiration of Contract You must use your Credits within the applicable Term and unused Credits at the end of the Term are forfeited. When a Capacity Purchase Contract expires and is not renewed, your Account will automatically change into a Monthly Plan Account, billed monthly in arrears at the Monthly Plan Effective Credits rate.

f. Monthly Plans Customers with Monthly Plans are billed monthly in arrears for Credits used in the prior Billing Period.  The Monthly Plan rate of conversion of Effective Credits is as set forth in the first row of each Credit Consumption Table for every Adapter tier. For example, Monthly Plan Customers with standard Adapters  are charged 100 Credits for every 1,000,000 Events. There is no long-term commitment, but the consumption rate is the same regardless of the number of Events you process through the Service every month. Monthly Plan Customers will be billed in the form of Credits based on the actual cloud infrastructure compute resources and data transfer costs incurred at Striim’s list price.

g. Changes to the Service Consumption Table

List of Adapters
Adapter Name Standard Adapter Premium Adapter
ContinuousGenerator x
DatabaseReader x
GGTrailReader x
GooglePubSubReader x
HDFSReader x
HPNonStopEnscribeReader x
HPNonStopSQLMPReader x
HPNonStopSQLMXReader x
HTTPReader x
IncrementalBatchReader x
JMSReader x
JMXReader x
KafkaReader x
MQTTReader x
MSSqlReader x
MapRFSReader x
MariaDBReader x
MongoDBReader x
MultiFileReader x
MysqlReader x
OPCUAReader x
OracleReader x
S3Reader x
SalesForcePlatformEventReader x
SalesForcePushTopicReader x
SalesForceReader x
SpannerBatchReader x
TCPReader x
UDPReader x
WindowsEventLogReader x
SQLServerNativeLogReader x
AALParser x
AvroParser x
BinaryParser x
CollectdParser x
DSVParser x
FreeFormTextParser x
JSONParser x
NVPParser x
NetflowParser x
SNMPParser x
StriimParser x
XMLParser x
XMLParserV2 x
GGTrailParser x
ADLSGen1Writer x
ADLSGen2Writer x
AzureBlobWriter x
AzureEventHubWriter x
AzureSQLDWHWriter x
BigQueryWriter x
CassandraCosmosDBWriter x
CassandraWriter x
ClouderaHiveWriter x
CosmosDBWriter x
DatabaseWriter x
EmailAdapter x
GCSWriter x
GooglePubSubWriter x
HBaseWriter x
HDFSWriter x
HDInsightHDFSWriter x
HDInsightKafkaWriter x
HTTPWriter x
HazelcastWriter x
HiveWriter x
HortonworksHiveWriter x
JMSWriter x
JPAWriter x
KafkaWriter x
KinesisWriter x
KuduWriter x
MQTTWriter x
MapRDBWriter x
MapRFSWriter x
MapRStreamWriter x
MongoDBWriter x
RedshiftWriter x
S3Writer x
SnowflakeWriter x
SpannerWriter x
SysOut x
WebAlertAdapter x
AvroFormatter x
DSVFormatter x
JSONFormatter x
ParquetFormatter x
XMLFormatter x
Compute and Data Transfer Costs
Data Ingress $0.10/GB
Public Data Egress $0.10/GB
Compute $0.50/vCPU-hour