Veloxity Uses WebAction to Facilitate Exponential Growth for their Customer Experience Management (CXM) Solution.

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Veloxity_LogoVeloxity is an up-and-coming mobile Customer Experience Management (CXM) company committed to understanding the wireless experience from the customer perspective. Telecom industry experts at Veloxity have developed a real-time, crowd-sourced CXM solution that enhances network and device management by collecting diagnostic data such as bandwidth usage and signal strength to assess overall network quality. “We are looking at the networks from the consumer’s eyes,” explains Bahadir Kuru, CEO. Veloxity offers carriers the transparency needed to pinpoint problems within the network as they occur.

WebAction for Mobile Customer Experience Management

WebAction empowers Veloxity by acquiring and processing all of their mobile handset data in order to meet their goal of profiling every customer’s experience in real time. Analytics that were never before possible are now quick and easy to accomplish, such as profile an entire mobile network in seconds. Read the Case Study to learn how Veloxity is propelling mobile Customer Experience Management forward and how the WebAction Real-time App Platform is fueling this paradigm shift. “WebAction enables us to achieve our vision by acquiring and processing very large amounts of data and making it available for analytics and dashboards in real-time,” explains Bora Eristurk, VP of Business Development.

Read the WebAction Veloxity Case Study