TechTarget explains why Streaming Analytics will replace CEP

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techtarget.comIn this TechTarget article, Joel Shore makes a compelling case about why, when you think about streaming analytics “delays of even a few milliseconds are unacceptable.”

Joel argues that CEP is being supplanted by streaming analytics which not only analyzes large amounts of data, but importantly can also ingest it.

In discussing this, he brought in the insights of industry experts from several vendors including Striim. The most important take away where Striim’s prediction is concerned is with the continual evolution of CEP and how it will become an essential piece of streaming analytics, not simply a standalone technology.

Joel concludes by citing the 451 Research 2016 Trends in Data Platforms and Analytics Report prediction that our market is going to grow at 29% a year to $1.37B in 2019!

You can read the entire article here.

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