Targeted Mobile Advertising Solution at Huawei Connect 2016

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Huawei-horizontalStriim is excited to introduce a real-time targeted mobile advertising solution with partner Huawei at Huawei Connect 2016. This solution offers the ability to provide real-time targeted ads that meet two key objectives: complying with regional regulations for mobile advertising, and maximizing the relevance of ads to increase conversion and revenue.

The NFV-Powered Intelligent Platform offers businesses a dynamic compliance solution to determine who should see which ad. This is achieved by enriching ad requests in real time with customer profile information (ie, age) and geolocation. This enriched information is then fed to the ad server to match against policies and determine the correct ad to push to the mobile device. For example, a customer under the age of 18 in New York City can legally not be shown an ad for soda. The server would therefore select an alternative ad that complied with the regulations for that particular customer profile and location. Enrichment and response happens in milliseconds, maximizing engagement with the customer.

This solution provides scalability through Huawei CloudOS, and the ability to run anywhere on top of Huawei Cloud Core. ObjectSecurity and the Striim platform enable security of information flow through dynamic policies. Intelligent insights are gained from the mobile network and subscriber profiles via Huawei vUIC platform and the Striim real-time streaming integration and intelligence platform. Interstitial targeted ads are then provided by Opera MediaWorks.

Not in Shanghai?

Check out this solution for real-time targeted mobile advertising in this 5-minute demo:
The ability to generate a targeted ad experience via transactional data, combined with context, increases relevance to the user, creates new ad monetization opportunities, and helps to ensure regulatory compliance based on demographic rules.

Huawei Connect 2016

Experience a live demo of the Striim and Huawei NFV powered mobile advertising solution at Huawei Connect 2016, September 31 – October 2 in Shanghai, China:

  • SWEECC (Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center)
  • Exhibition floor (level B, one level below ground level)
  • CAAS 2.0 section