Striim 3.6 – Hybrid Cloud Integration

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Modern companies typically aren’t locked into a single cloud or on-premise environment. Today’s enterprises require a more plug-and-play model for the systems, infrastructure, and analytics they currently use. As companies move toward hybrid cloud infrastructures, they need to be able to easily move data from on-premise to cloud environments in real time.

With flexibility in mind, Striim 3.6 introduces out-of-the-box support for Amazon Redshift and S3 as data targets. Now users can ingest and process data from virtually any data source, including transactional data from enterprise databases, and load that data in real time into their preferred cloud environment.

hybrid cloud integration
Selecting S3, Redshift, or HBase as a data target.

It was crucial for Striim to add the ever popular Amazon Redshift as a target. Redshift is a fully managed and hosted petabyte-scale data warehouse service offered by Amazon Web Services. It’s designed for analytic workloads and connects to standard clients and BI tools. Redshift manages extremely fast queries by using columnar storage. Common customer use cases include traditional enterprise data warehousing, manipulation of big data environments, and SaaS companies scaling and adding analytic functionality to their applications.

To keep up-to-date with with the petabytes of data you might manage, you need to:

  • load data from your current state of on-premise tables, and/or
  • update data only when tables change

You can deliver any streaming data to Amazon S3 and to Amazon Redshift with full support of initial load and incremental changes. The Striim Redshift implementation writes to S3 as a staging area to deliver to Redshift. After the data has been written to RedShift, the files in the S3 bucket are moved to a subdirectory called “archive” where they should periodically be deleted. Alternatively, Striim can deliver directly to S3, or Apache HBase.

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