Read The Bloor Group Paper: The Genesis of the Real-time Enterprise

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TheBloorGroupLogo-300x300 (1)The Bloor Group discusses the benefit of proactive operations for businesses in The Genesis of the Real-time Enterprise, How WebAction Enables Truly Responsive IT Applications. Robin Bloor, Ph.D. & Rebecca Jozwiak outline the need for real-time analytical computing with examples of businesses that have an inherent need for low-latency applications, like the banking sector, retail, telecommunication, and cloud computing. The ability to avert disruption by anticipating problems before they occur is becoming increasing essential. “There is obvious merit in companies…ingesting real-time streams of data from multiple sources, processing them as a time series and automatically adjusting their behavior to proactively respond to their environment as it changes…. Right now very few companies have any learned automatic responses to the environment in which they operate.”

Read the Report: The Genesis of the Real-time Enterprise