NonStop – Web Actions Offer Business Insight!

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NonStop – Web Actions Offer Business Insight!It only seems logical that my path would take me right up to the front door of WebAction.  Yes, an early visit to WebAction, when it was barely weeks old with what seemed to be just four or five employees at best, convinced me and so I have hung out on the periphery, watching the company attract a core set of technicians that includes some of the best minds on the planet. Now, it’s simply a matter of evangelizing the value proposition of WebAction to everyone I converse with at HP.

What caught my attention at WebAction? Pretty simple really – it’s their approach to data. Data integration and the ability to create “actions” where mission critical, historical and reference data all intersect. This turns back Big Data Analytics where it is needed most – in real time, with customers right in front of you. Bang – change the business even as customers interact with you and your products. Love it! And nothing could be more important than this today for the NonStop community!

The Operational Impact of Big Data

Where I will focus is on the operational impact of Big Data – how it can contribute to better oversight of data centers, greater awareness of security threats and just as importantly, enlightening data center managers about whether they are getting the best IT processing bang for the buck! For starters, what about your data center – let me know if and why closer engagement with Big Data will help as this is where I will head in future posts. Would actionable web actions help you and would then improve your business insight?

So, welcome to my first post to the WebAction blog site. In fact, this is almost a return gig as it was during my time with GoldenGate, working with some of the same executives, I kicked off my blogging career and little did either party know of how this would end. I now post for vendors, communities and industry associations and am pleased to add WebAction to the collection of clients I actively promote. Social media is the best channel for engaging communities – customers and prospects alike – so yes, you will find me here now so drop me a note and of course, add a comment. I will be only too happy to jump right in no matter the topic!