MS SQL CDC to Hadoop

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Real-time MS SQL CDC to Hadoop enables Hadoop users to use critical transactional data for time-sensitive, operational decision-making.

Deriving optimal value from Hadoop as an efficient, cost-effective big data platform relies heavily on the continuous ingestion of up-to-date data. Your transactional databases and other data stores, such as Microsoft SQL Server, contain operational data that are critical for gaining reliable business insight.MS SQL CDC to Hadoop

Getting this data into Hadoop, in the right format, and with low-latency is a challenge. Traditional batch ETL integration methods move the data in bulk, but also introduce latency which means that any time-sensitive data will be out-of-date upon delivery. Big Data solutions need to be able to ingest high volumes of real-time data at low latency to allow analysis and fast action while the data is still current and relevant to business operations.

Using non-intrusive change data capture (CDC), Striim enables organizations ingest valuable transactional data from their existing relational databases to Hadoop for processing and analysis. Striim’s offering for MS SQL CDC to Hadoop is low impact – moving and processing only changed data from databases to Hadoop with continuous monitoring of the integration. The data is processed and enriched in-flight – without added latency – to enable faster insights and more efficient management of storage capacity.

Once Striim performs the initial data load to Hadoop, on-going MS SQL CDC to Hadoop moves and processes only the changed data via real-time data pipelines.

Easy-to-use wizards simplify end-to-end data flow creation. Continuous queries for stream processing can be designed using a SQL-based language via an intuitive, drag-and-drop UI.

Striim offers low-impact MS SQL CDC to Hadoop in addition to CDC from other databases including Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, HPE NonStop SQL/MX, HPE NonStop SQL/MP, HPE NonStop Enscribe, and MariaDB.

To learn more about getting maximum value from high-velocity, high-volume data using Striim’s low-impact, real-time MS SQL CDC to Hadoop for real-time data integration, please visit our Change Data Capture for Databases page at

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