Striim integrates Microsoft Fabric to deliver real-time, AI-augmented data

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Striim, a key partner for Microsoft Fabric today announced its new, low-latency, open-format data integration and streaming service for Microsoft Fabric. This service seamlessly integrates data from disparate sources, mission-critical enterprise applications, and databases into Microsoft Fabric. Through Striim’s AI-ready data streaming, we’re ushering in a new era of analytics and AI, all harmonized under a single data platform on Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Fabric is an end-to-end data analytics solution with full-service capabilities, including data movement, data lake, data warehouse, analytics, and business intelligence. All of these services are served by Microsoft OneLake, a unified intelligent storage layer that solves the complex problem of decentralized data teams working in silos. Striim uniquely streams low-latency data to Microsoft Fabric to power analytics and AI with fresh, real-time data with its fully managed service natively built on Microsoft Azure.

Let’s take a scenario of a large retail business that has stores across multiple cities. The business wants to gain critical real-time insights across its stores, purchases, inventory, costs incurred per store and identify patterns like seasonal sales, perform predictive analysis for inventory, sales etc. Typically to achieve this goal various teams including data engineers, sql developers, data scientists and business analysts work independently with their own datasets and data pipelines, tools & scripts causing not only duplicate efforts but also silos of storage footprint. The management of these siloed efforts quickly becomes complex including data governance, privacy, user access control and infrastructure management etc. that can result in an increased TCO for the business.

Microsoft Fabric was introduced to address this exact challenge through a unified storage layer with access control and dedicated workgroups for individual teams to work independently on the same data set. However, the data needed in Fabric Warehouse or Lakehouse resides in enterprise silos and still needs to be unified through a real-time streaming service that lets users ingest, process, enrich and load the data to the warehouse, lakehouse or Microsoft Power BI datamarts services; otherwise this integration effort has to be done independently by each data team. Striim’s service Striim for Microsoft Fabric does exactly that, offering a real-time, low latency and highly scalable data streaming service that matches the Fabric scale and serves as a single tool for all data teams in the organization with various Analytics and AI use cases.

Let’s overview how this is accomplished in Striim. 

In our above example, the retail customer who is  interested in critical business insights will simply sign up for Striim Cloud and follow three simple steps to get the data into Fabric data warehouse and lakehouse targets in less than 5 minutes to have access to real time insights in Power BI dashboards.

Step 1: Create the Striim Cloud service on Azure, this process uses Azure Kubernetes Service, deploys Striim and configures a cluster.

Step 2: Create a data pipeline with source connection details and optionally use Azure private link to securely route  data completely off of the public internet. 

Step 3: Configure Fabric target to Fabric warehouse 

Now simply monitor data being streamed from source to target/targets in real-time. Data will be directly written directly to the data warehouse in delta-parquet format so the Power BI can be configured to receive the real-time data from data warehouse tables. 

Retail customer’s requirements are consolidated and simplified across groups to get the business insights in less than 5 minutes using Microsoft Fabric Power BI. Shown below are data insights such as  sales by store, traffic to the stores by dates and cost of running stores etc.

Striim’s Cloud based service offers a lot of inbuilt smart defaults, automation and intelligence that helps users focus on their actual business needs instead of spending their time on managing pipelines. It saves time and effort for the data engineering team, offers a no-code experience for citizen developers and real-time querying directly from pipelines for engineers and SQL developers and enables businesses with real-time data to make decisions. This unified data streaming nicely compliments the open vision of Microsoft Fabric platform.

Try our 14-day trial of Striim Cloud by yourself and move data to Microsoft Fabric warehouse today.


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