Making Decisions While They Matter: The Importance of Real-time Big Data (GigaOM Webinar)

2 Minute Read

Learn about real-time data processing architectures. Join WebAction on Thursday, May 29th at 10am PDT for a GigaOM Research webinar: Making Decisions While They Matter: The Importance of Real-time Big Data (register here). A roundtable panel of experts includes WebAction co-founder, Alok Pareek, and GigaOM Research analysts David Loshin, and William McKnight. The panel will be moderated by Andrew Brust.

Here is the webinar description:

Data-driven decision-making is a popular and worthwhile goal, but few infrastructures are truly up to the task of supporting real-time data. The business needs driving analytics are evolving quickly, and even recent investments in complex systems can still fall short of the moving target. The scarcity of highly skilled data scientists can create logjams, batch tools cannot provide the real-time data business experts demand, new data sources are frequently siloed away from other enterprise applications, and the growth in volume of potential data inputs is outpacing the drop in storage prices that has supported it.

Building for the real-time future means embracing a flexible and robust architecture that can handle new data types and consumption models, with the scale they will require. This Webinar will examine what it takes to build and manage forward-looking real-time enterprise analytics, from ingestion through correlation, the processing itself, visualization, and distribution, plus all the governance that surrounds it.

Key topics of discussion

    • How are scale, complexity, and a changing user base affecting the requirements for modern, scalable real-time analytics?
    • What are the strengths and limitations of real-time and batch analytics?
    • What architectural concepts are critical as the enterprise embraces real-time analytics?
    • How should application developers approach real-time analytics?

Register now for Thursday, May 29th at 10am PDT.