Kafka to MySQL

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The scalable and reliable delivery of high volumes of Kafka data to enterprise targets via real-time Kafka integration gives organizations current and relevant information about their business. Loading data from Kafka to MySQL enables organizations run rich custom queries on data enhanced with pub/sub messaging data to make key operational decisions in the timeframe for them to be most effective.

Kafka to MySQLTo get optimal value from the rich messaging data generated by CRM, ERP, and e-commerce applications, large data sets need to be delivered from Kafka to MySQL with sub-second latency. Integrating data from Kafka to MySQL enhances transactional data – providing greater understanding of the state of operations. With access to this data, users and applications have the context to make decisions and take essential and timely action to support the business.

Using traditional batch-based approaches to the movement of data from Kafka to MySQL creates an unacceptable bottleneck – delaying the delivery of data to where it can be of real value to the organization. This latency limits the potential for this data to make critical operational decisions that enhance customer experiences, optimize processes, and drive revenue.

ETL methods move the data “as is” – without any pre-processing. However, depending on the requirements not all the data may be needed and the data that is necessary may need to be augmented with other data to make it useful. Ingesting high volumes of raw data creates additional challenges when it comes to storage and getting high value actionable data to users and applications.

Building real time data pipelines from Kafka to MySQL, Striim allows users to minimize latency and support their high-volume, high-velocity data environments. Striim offers real time data ingestion with in-flight processing including filtering, transformations, aggregations, masking, and enrichment to deliver relevant data from Kafka to MySQL in the right format and with full context.

Striim also includes built-in security, delivery validation, and additional features to essential for the scalability and reliability requirements of mission-critical applications. Real time pipeline monitoring detects any patterns or anomalies as the data is moving from Kafka to MySQL. Interactive dashboards provide visibility into the health of the data pipelines and highlight issues with instantaneous alerts – allowing for timely corrective action to be taken on the results of comprehensive pattern matching, correlation, outlier detection, and predictive analytics.

For more information about gaining timely intelligence from integrating high volumes of rich messaging data from Kafka to MySQL, please visit our Kafka integration page at: https://www.striim.com/blog/kafka-stream-processing-with-striim/

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