Introducing Hazelcast Striim Hot Cache

2 Minute Read

Today, we are thrilled to announce the availability of Hazelcast Striim Hot Cache. This joint solution with Hazelcast’s in-memory data grid uses Striim’s Change Data Capture to solve the cache consistency problem.

With Hazelcast Striim Hot Cache, you can reduce the latency of propagation of data from your backend database into your Hazelcast cache to milliseconds. Now you have the flexibility to run multiple applications off a single database, keeping Hazelcast cache refreshes up-to-date while adhering to low latency SLAs.


Check out this 5-minute Introduction and Demo of Hazelcast Striim Hot Cache:


Imagine that you have an application that works by retrieving and storing information in a database. To get faster response times, you utilize a Hazelcast in-memory cache for rapid access to data.

However, other applications also make database updates which leads to inconsistent data in the cache. When this happens, suddenly the application is showing out-of-date or invalid information.

Hazelcast Striim Hot Cache solves this by using streaming change data capture to synchronize the cache with the database in real time. This ensures that both the cache and associated application always have the most up-to-date data.

Through CDC, Striim is able to recognize which tables and key values have changed. Striim immediately captures these changes with their table and key, and, using the Hazelcast Striim writer, pushes those changes into the cache.

We make it easy to leverage Striim’s change data capture functionality by providing CDC Wizards. These Wizards help you quickly configure the capture of change data from enterprise databases – including Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL and HPE NonStop – and propagate that data to a Hazelcast cache.

You can also use Striim to facilitate the initial load of the cache.

To learn more, please read the full press release, visit the Hazelcast Striim Hot Cache product page, or jump right in and download a fully loaded evaluation copy of Striim for Hazelcast Hot Cache.