Integration to PostgreSQL, Kafka, and Files – Sample Integration Applications Overview

2 Minute Read

In this video, Striim Founder and CTO, Steve Wilkes, will demonstrate three sets of applications that will cover initial load and CDC, with integration to PostgreSQL from another PostgreSQL database, Kafka, and Files.

Even though they have different targets they all work in the same way. Each application will quickly demonstrate the basics of Striim’s real-time integration capabilities including initial data loading, change data capture (CDC), and target side validation. While these focus on PostgreSQL, similar applications could be easily created for Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, and other database sources.

If any of the indicators next to a set of applications are red, you may not have docker installed or running, or have other issues with the PostgreSQL databases. Read our documentation for further instructions.

As an example, we’ll walk through setting up an integration to PostgreSQL from a secondary PostgreSQL database. 

The sample applications in the set enable you to set up validation, to ensure data is delivered to the target, perform an initial load of 150k rows from one database to another, start real-time CDC and deliver those changes to the second database, and update and delete rows in the source database through convenience applications. You can open any of these applications to see the data flows to better understand how they work.

To run the sample applications it is important to start them in the correct order:

  • First, deploy all applications to get them ready for execution. 
  • Second, start the validation application to monitor and alert on changes in the target. 
  • Next, perform the initial load to transfer 150k rows from one database to another. You should see an alert from the validation application when this is complete. 
  • Finally, start the CDC application to capture and move any changes from the source to target database.

Once this is started, you can perform adhoc changes by repeatedly running the convenience applications to execute 250 updates or deletes. You should see alerts when these changes occur on the target. The sets of applications for PostgreSQL to Kafka, and PostgreSQL to File, work in the same way, and should be started in the same order.

You should now see the results of running the applications for Kafka, complete with the expected Alerts from validation of data written to Kafka.

If you run into any issues, you can reset the applications at any time by starting the ResetPostresSample applications for the appropriate application set, or you can contact us immediately through the built-in chat window.

As you can see, Striim makes integration to PostgreSQL, Kafka, and Files, easy. To learn more about Striim’s real-time data integration capabilities, visit our Real-Time Data Integration page, schedule a short demo with a Striim technologist, or download the platform to try these samples for yourself.