How To Do Streaming Analytics – Interview with RTInsights

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A few weeks ago, I joined Adrian Bowles of RTInsights to discuss the genesis of Striim, and how integration and intelligence can be brought together in a streaming analytics platform.

In this artRTInsightslogo-wTagline272x96cle and video we talk about the background of the company and why, 4 years ago, we set out to build such an ambitious product.

Adrian sums things up by focusing on the initial need to “capture and integrate data from various sources,”and the importance of then being able to add intelligence in real-time “doing analytics on the stream itself through a query.”

As we discuss the technology, we talk about a number of different use cases and explain why you need to think about streaming in your data architecture and how important Change Data Capture (CDC) is if you want to do real-time analytics on databases.

Read the full article/watch the video here.